Demographics of the Third Imperium

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This is a partial listing of the many races that live within the Third Imperium.

Demographic Data Table: 1105[edit]

Significant populations of the following sophont races reside within this polity:

Imperial Sophont Demographics (Populations 10+ billion)
Race Population Type Remarks
Humaniti 015 trillion Major Race (Various)
  • Imperial Man
Humaniti is the dominant species on the many thousands of systems and worlds within the Third Imperium and while most humans are of Solomani, Vilani, or mixed ancestry, literally dozens of other races and sub-species of humans exist: Minor Human Races, Human Chimerae, Variant Races, ethnic groups, and nearly every other possibility imaginable. Humans are a prolific species and can be found in large numbers throughout vast tracts of both the Third Imperium and Charted Space.
Suerrat 359 billion Minor Human Race The Suerrat are a prolific race of hairy humans with atavistic (ape-like) features and a powerful, well-developed space empire prior to being conquered by the Vilani. Their great numbers, wealth, and prosperity still make them a powerful force within the Imperium.
Lancians 235 billion Minor Human Race The Lancia or Lancians are a minor human race conquered by the Vilani whose culture has long been repressed. Other than their background and culture, they physically resemble baseline genetic humans in almost every way.
Vegans 155 billion Non-Human Race The Vegans are a strange human-like race of arid, low-gravity, near-vacuum desert-dwellers. Their communal culture with its distinctive tuhuirs has long baffled human observers. Their society and space empire has long been a crossroads and pawn between larger major races.
Syleans 119 billion Minor Human Race The Syleans are genetic humans with a powerful spirit and ambition. Their cultural achievements form a solid cornerstone of the Imperium and one of their own was reputed to be the founder of the Third Imperium. Cleon I has been reported of Solomani-Vilani ancestry, while others record his heritage as pure Sylean. The religion, philosophy, and trade instincts of the Syleans are widely considered second to none, while maintaining a mysterious spiritual aspect that few non-Syleans ever seem to fully grasp.
Luriani/Roryniar 104 billion Minor Human Race The Luriani are an enigmatic race of humans, adapted to a semi-aquatic life. Their flexible culture has allowed them to prosper, even while under foreign yokes. Some attribute it to luck or serendipity, but the Luriani know better.
Kaggushus 092 billion Minor Human Race The Kaggushus are powerful, genetically-engineered humans, with a long record of ground combat prowess. Their homeworld has long played an important role in Imperial history and their culture has long been repressed.
Sigka 090 billion Non-Human Race The Sigka are an aquatic minor race known for their wide-ranging trade missions and advanced technological prowess. As an aquatic proto-species, they were known for great piscinoid aggregates that shoaled and schooled together and their society cooperates and collaborates with each other in ways that other species can only marvel at...
Darmine 076 billion Minor Human Race The Darmine are a minor human race, which has little variance from the human genetic baseline including interbreeding capability. Their culture has long been rebellious and has ever since been tracked by the Imperial authorities.
Aslan 073 billion Major Race The Aslan are a young and powerful race of felinoid-like sophonts, united in spirit, but not in temporal power. Their often quarreling empire, the Aslan Hierate lies rimward and many Aslan have settled into the Imperium as refugees and exiles with a long and proud record of dedicated and loyal service.
Lurent 070 billion Non-Human Race The Lurent are a mysterious, nomadic species with a unique planetoid starship design, a penchant for trading, and a wanderlust second to none. Few know much about the Lurent and they like it that way.
Geonee 065 billion Minor Human Race Shorter dwarf-like humans who developed on a heavy gravity, geologically unstable world, which gave them incredible strength and a powerful penchant for taking risks. Their space empire was developing when the Vilani conquered them. Geonee society has always had a rebellious streak as well as a number of well-kept secrets.
Bruhre 060 billion Non-Human Race The Bruhre are massive hexapods accustomed to a sulfur-tainted atmosphere and an exotic biochemistry, largely incompatible with mainstream Humaniti and sophontdom. Their culture is extremely complex, and intolerant of outside ways. However, they have keen scientific and philosophical insights that still motivate researchers to overcome their intolerance to learn their insights despite being isolated from mainstream Imperial culture...
Selenites 060 billion Variant Human Race The Selenites are human beings, geneered to survive in the microgravities of space habitats. They have experienced explosive population growth and their numbers now make them a force to contend with.
Llyrnians 050 billion Non-Human Race The Llyrians or "Devils" are a strange, trisymmetrical, digging species adopted by and allied to the Geonee. Their zero-G combat aptitude make them some of the most capable ship-to-ship fighters ever known.
Vargr 042 billion Major Race The Vargr are an enormously adaptive race, capable of fitting in anywhere. As a variant race, they have some racial insecurities, but one of their biggest concerns is whether the Third Imperium will ever fully integrate them into their society.
Answerin 040 billion Minor Human Race The Answerin are baseline humans with little genetic variation, while their culture sets them greatly aside. Their powerful psychological sciences help them conquer fear in unparalleled ways. They are fatalistic in one aspect and supremely self-confident in others. Their service as mental health specialists and, oddly enough, fearless mercenaries is in high demand throughout Charted Space.
S'mrii 028 billion Non-Human Race The S'mrii are an enigmatic alien race of insectile centauroids with a long history of loyal and dedicated service to the Imperium. The history of their ancient culture is studded with great tragedies and even greater technological achievements.
Nenlat 024 billion Non-Human Race The Nenlat are a strange trisymmetrical race of amphibianoids known for their strong tastes for adventure and exploration. Their technological aptitude makes them commonplace on tramp freighters, interface starships, and exploration teams throughout Charted Space.
Dolphins 020 billion Non-Human Race Dolphins, an aquatic species and variant race from Terra, were brought by the Solomani to interstellar space. They have prospered ever since and their keen astrogational skills are in high demand.
Ziadd 017 billion Minor Human Race The Ziadd are a minor human race with atavistic Neanderthal-like characteristics. Their dynamic culture and keen mercantile instincts have made them famous throughout the Imperium.
Llellewyloly 015 billion Non-Human Race The "Dandies" are a finicky bunch of non-humanoid sophonts with a near-unique biology, full of complex social rules that make it hard for outsiders to join their society. Their unique outlook allows them to see many problems "outside of the box", which has led to some remarkable technological innovations. Much of their society is still blanketed in mystery despite centuries of interaction with Humaniti.
Chirpers 015 billion Non-Human Race Chirpers are a simple apolitical race of pet-like sophonts that some suspect are proto-sophonts, primitive versions of the Droyne, or possibly even related to the Ancients. They might be simple babes in the woods or they could be a species far more devious...
Bwaps 010 billion Non-Human Race The Bwaps are an amphibious, newt-like species dependent on moist air humidity, who are an ubiquitous part of nearly every institution, bureaucracy, and paperwork processing organization throughout the greater Third Imperium. Their regenerative automy ability is well-known (...they can regenerate entire limbs), but their secret experiments into Psychohistory are only rumored at. The mild unassuming image of a Bwap functionary is portrayed throughout the popular media, but what other secrets do these master bookkeepers hold?
Kirissukyoya 010 billion Non-Human Race The Kirissukyoya a strange trisymmetrical race of starfaring merchants. Their race was known for high quality merchandise throughout Deneb Sector until internal differences led to a global war which devastated Kiri civilization. They are still re-learning and re-gaining their former glories after a devastating conflict in which the Droyne mysteriously intervened. Observers still ponder why the normally reclusive Droyne intervened...
Tahavi 010 billion Non-Human Race The Tahavi were the first non-human race encountered by the Vilani and their early exposure to a sophisticated technological race has greatly benefited them. They have developed into a powerful race of starfaring merchants despite being an aquatic race greatly hampered in trade with terrestrial walkers...

Sophonts by Sector[edit]

Antares Sector[edit]

8 Sophonts in the Antares Sector
11 identified sophont populations in Antares Sector

Core Sector[edit]

1 Sophonts in the Core Sector
2 identified sophont populations in Core Sector

Corridor Sector[edit]

7 Sophonts in the Corridor Sector
13 identified sophont populations in Corridor Sector

Dagudashaag Sector[edit]

38 identified sophont populations in Dagudahsaag Sector

Daibei Sector[edit]

3 Sophonts in the Daibei Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Daibei Sector

Deneb Sector[edit]

20 Sophonts in the Deneb Sector
22 identified sophont populations in Deneb Sector

Delphi Sector[edit]

0 Sophont articles for the Delphi Sector
2 identified sophont populations in Delphi Sector

Diaspora Sector[edit]

12 Sophonts in the Diaspora Sector
16 identified sophont populations in Diaspora Sector

Empty Quarter Sector[edit]

12 Sophonts in the Diaspora Sector
6 identified sophont populations in Empty Quarter Sector

Fornast Sector[edit]

7 Sophonts in the Fornast Sector
10 identified sophont populations in Fornast Sector

Gushemege Sector[edit]

18 identified sophont populations in Gushemege Sector

Ilelish Sector[edit]

1 Sophonts in the Ilelish Sector
5 identified sophont populations in Ilelish Sector

Ley Sector[edit]

7 Sophonts in the Ley Sector
12 identified sophont populations in Ley Sector

Lishun Sector[edit]

7 Sophonts in the Lishun Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Lishun Sector

Magyar Sector[edit]

3 Sophonts in the Magyar Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Magyar Sector

Massilia Sector[edit]

5 Sophonts in the Massilia Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Massilia Sector

Old Expanses Sector[edit]

5 Sophonts in the Old Expanse Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Old Expanse Sector

Reft Sector[edit]

5 Sophonts in the Reft Sector
8 identified sophont populations in Reft Sector

Solomani Rim Sector[edit]

8 identified sophont populations in Solomani Rim Sector

Spinward Marches Sector[edit]

30 identified sophont populations in Spinward Marches Sector

Verge Sector[edit]

1 Sophonts in the Verge Sector
5 identified sophont populations in Verge Sector

Vland Sector[edit]

13 Sophonts in the Vland Sector
11 identified sophont populations in Vland Sector

Zarushagar Sector[edit]

10 Sophonts in the Zarushagar Sector
14 identified sophont populations in Zarushagar Sector

Overall race listings[edit]

  1. Answerin
  2. Azhanti
  3. Darmine
  4. Geonee
  5. Ilurians
  6. Jonkeereen (Variant Human Race)
  7. Kaggushus
  8. Lancians
  9. Luriani/Roryniar
  10. Nexxies (Variant Human Race)
  11. Selenite (Variant Human Race)
  12. Solomani (Major Race)
  13. Suerrat
  14. Syleans
  15. Tapazmal
  16. Thaggeshi
  17. Tredhili (non-canon)
  18. Vilani (Major Race)
  19. Ziadd (non-canon)
  1. Ael Yael
  2. Aslan (Major Race)
  3. Bruhre
  4. Bwaps
  5. Chirper
  6. Dishaan
  7. Droyne (Major Race)
  8. Eliyoh
  9. Kirissukyoya
  10. Llellewyloly
  11. Llyrnian
  12. Lurent
  13. Nenlat
  14. Sigka
  15. S'mrii
  16. Tahavi
  17. Vegans
  • Terragens (Non-human Terran races)
  1. Dolphin
  2. Orca
  3. Uplifted Ape
  4. Ursa
  5. Vargr (Major Race)

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