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Welcome to the Traveller RPG Wiki.

The Traveller Wiki is a fan-driven community effort to support and extend the Traveller Role Playing Game. Supported by Far Future Enterprises and the numerous authors, artists, and fans of Traveller. Founded in 2006 with the idea to provide a new way of presenting Traveller library data. The wiki has evolved from humble beginnings by contributions and suggestions by people like you.

What we are doing[edit]

The Traveller Wiki has three missions:

  1. Support and encourage the people playing Traveller by providing a resource of ideas and background material for their campaigns.
  2. Provide a research base for the authors and artists working to expand the Traveller universe.
  3. Catalog the vast efforts of the writers and fans in the best way to support the first two missions.

The contributors to the Traveller Wiki look to achieve these missions by working on two resources supplied by the wiki:

  1. Library: Conceived as an in-game reference of the whole of the knowledge of charted space and through the whole of the history of the Traveller Universe. While primarily focused on the Official Traveller Universe, you will find numerous articles from several Alternate Traveller Universes as well as work from several devoted fans.
  2. Publications: The extensive list of publications specifically for or containing material about Traveller. In addition, there are 12 official versions of the Traveller RPG rules and 1,486 publications.

The Library points each article at the source publication. In addition, each source publication has a list of articles that were derived from the material.

How you can help[edit]

We invite you to contribute to the 45 years of Traveller history. We have a list of Projects that can always use attention.

The Traveller wiki community encourages you to be bold in updating articles. Wikis develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on. Expect everyone to be bold. It's okay. It's what everyone expects, but please note: "Be bold in updating pages" does not mean that you should make significant changes or deletions to long articles on complex, controversial subjects with long histories. Suppose you expect or see a disagreement with your version of the article or want to change or delete anything substantial in the text. In that case, it's a good idea to list your objections one by one on the talk page, reasonably quoting the disputed phrases, explaining your reasoning, and providing solid references.