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An ATU or Alternate Traveller Universe is a fan-created Traveller background or a fan-modified background using existing setting elements.

  • Many fans have simply modified the OTU until they ended up with their own ATU.
  • Many have become rich, very well developed settings ("universes") that have been published and enjoyed by other fans.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

One of the joys of having a tool kit like Traveller is that it is endlessly modifiable, which is exactly what fans do.

  • Many of the OTU concepts and leitwortstil appear throughout Traveller works.

Thematic Concepts[edit]

At core, Traveller is classic science fiction. These are the surface ideas, the easily reader-apparent concepts:

Thematic Leitwortstil[edit]

Leitwortstil are repeated phrases, words, and ideas that appear and reappear in this Traveller literary works:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Alternate Traveller Universes.

Imperium Eternal[edit]

Perhaps the best known ATU is the Imperium Eternal or Lorenverse, a setting in which the Third Imperium does not fall. In this setting there is no Second Civil War or Rebellion.

The Imperial Eternal setting converges with the OTU in 1476, centuries before the Galaxiad. [1]

The Fourth Imperium[edit]

A well-known ATU shows the establishment of the Fourth Imperium. The setting is established after Virus, and during the time when the Lords of Thunder are rampaging towards Human space and the Core sector.

The Fourth Imperium converges with the OTU in 1476, centuries before the Galaxiad. The state itself is a half-sector-sized empire in 1901. [2]

Selected ATU's[edit]

These are a selected few of the many ATU's that exist, mostly published ones:

  1. The Bastards of Foreven DSL Ironworks
  2. Clement Sector setting from Gypsy Knights Games
  3. Cthonian Stars
  4. Distant Fringe
  5. Eternal Reaches Traveller Setting
  6. Infinitys Shore
  7. Notoriousverse
  8. Outer Veil
  9. Permatic Imperium
  10. Reign of Discordia
  11. These Stars Are Ours!
  12. Where The Stars End

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