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Infinitys Shore is a region of space lying between 700–900 parsecs spinward-rimward of Terra.


Infinitys Shore is part of a vast tract of largely unexplored space called the Empty Stars.

It lies to spinward of both the Distant Fringe and the Where The Stars End regions. It was initially surveyed and named around 2255AD by humans of the Last Armada, fleeing the destruction of Terra at the hands of the Vilani Imperium. It is said to contain the fantastical realm of Lon Beon and the evil Empire of Thrax, bitter rivals seeking to gain control of the Centrum Device, an ancient artifact located in the Centrum system deep within Thrax Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Infinitys Shore region is made up of huge clusters of stars and broad Shadow Rifts.

  • It covers 23 sectors and contains 2751 separate star systems.

Image Repository[edit]

A map depicting the Local Arm, or Orion Spur, an ethereal spiral arm of the galaxy some 10,000 light years in length.
Local-Arm-Map Ade-Stewart 11-Nov-2019.png

The Empty Stars is a vast cluster of stars lying at the trailing end of the Local Arm.

  • The region within the green circle includes the whole of the Empty Stars.
  • The region within the red circle is the Distant Fringe.

Distant-Fringe-Setting Ade-Stewart 12-Nov-2019.png

Infinitys Shore forms the spinward half of the Empty Stars.

Infinitys Shore.jpg
The sectors that make up the Infinitys Shore region.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]


As of 5600AD, the Infinitys Shore region is officially considered to be unpopulated. There may possibly be a few scattered pioneers and explorers, all originating from within the Distant Fringe. There are very probably as-yet uncontacted NILs among its many unexplored worlds.

Native Sophonts (NILs):[edit]

Possible Human Settlement[edit]

Historians argue that there are very probably human-settled worlds within the Infinitys Shore region, most likely within its rimwart parts, populated by descendants of the Dissident Fleet.

The Dissident Fleet had healthy and viable crews and carried settlers and pioneers in long-term cold sleep, large numbers of Artificial Gestation Units, vast banks of embryos, and substantial quantities of supplies. It would be extremely unlikely that all of the vessels of the Fleet were lost without being able to settle one or more worlds. To date, none of these supposed lost settlements have made any form of contact.

  • Though the ultimate fate of the Dissident Fleet is unknown, it has given rise to the legend of Lon Beon. The stories have existed in one form or another for thousands of years, but only recently have 3V sci-fi shows, most notably Infinitys Shore, brought them to particular public attention.
  • This increased interest in the Dissident Fleet is also related to the release of Stars of the Rim in 5570AD, containing accurate, up-to-date astrographic information that may indicate the presence of technologically advanced beings within the area traditionally held to be Lon Beon. Certainly, the Infinitys Shore series drew heavily on the data contained within Stars of the Rim, lending it a strong air of credence.

Astrography: Sectors[edit]

The Infinitys Shore region contains the following sectors:

  1. Archos Sector
  2. Celeste Sector
  3. Coro Sector
  4. Denison Sector
  5. Hirada Sector
  6. Jontell Sector
  7. Kineda Sector
  8. Lon Beon Sector
  9. Lucent Sector
  10. Magister Sector
  11. Murian Sector
  12. Mycene Sector
  13. Navarre Sector
  14. Orsen Sector
  15. Palladian Sector
  16. Quell Sector
  17. Reikan Sector
  18. Remoran Sector
  19. Suluru Sector
  20. Thrax Sector
  21. Ulund Sector
  22. Wayland Sector
  23. Yearn Sector

Astrography: Features[edit]

The following astrographic features can be found within the Infinitys Shore region:


The Infinitys Shore region contains 16 major clusters of stars:

Rifts & Voids[edit]

The Infinitys Shore region contains 9 Shadow Rifts and parts of two major rifts:

Shadow Rifts

Major Rifts


The Infinitys Shore region contains 7 nebulae:

Received Signal Sources[edit]

The Infinitys Shore region contains 23 anomalous signal sources with varying characteristics:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this area:

1 Worlds in Infinitys Shore
Centrum  •  

References & Contributors / Sources[edit]

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