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A Sector is a astrophysical co-ordinate system applied to Charted Space.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Mapping unit in astrography equal to sixteen subsectors.

  • Typical density 350 to 650 worlds per sector.

Sector Nomenclature[edit]

Sectors are named, and several synonyms are in common use, including:

  • March (or marches),
  • Region,
  • Reach (or reaches),
  • Quadrant, and
  • Matrix.

e.g. The Spinward Marches, for example, is a sector.

Sector Quadrants[edit]

While not enforced, the IISS has been using a system of quadrants (four subsectors each) to further subdivide astrographic sectors. Terran Greek lettering are used to mark these quadrants: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma.

This terminology was developed after many of the core sectors of the Third Imperium were already established and in these areas, it is far more common to hear subsectors referred to by their associated duchy.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The mighty Ziru Sirka originated the sector astrography system. As a giant interstellar empire considerably more advanced than its neighbors, it conquered much of Charted Space. What the Romans are to Terran history is what the ancient Vilani are to the history of Charted Space.

They came, saw, and conquered. And their subjective partitions of space became the standards for astrography. When non-Vilani traders adopted the system, it truly became cemented as the most widely adopted system of interstellar astrography used within Charted Space.

Not all interstellar polities use the Vilani sector system... internally, but they all provide traders with sector compatible star charts to facilitate trade. Even some of the newest races to Charted Space have quickly adopted the system. Profit is a powerful motivator. Even the Terrans who conquered the Ziru Sirka were forced to adopt this Vilani astrographic adaptation.

Charted Space Overview[edit]

As a rough means of comparing size, the sector counts of the large interstellar states and areas of settlement are:

Sectors of the Major Races in Charted Space
Polity (Government) Society (People) Sectors Remarks
Third Imperium Imperial & Vilani 19 None
Aslan Hierate Aslan 15 None
Hive Federation Hiver 11 None
Two Thousand Worlds K'kree 09 None
Vargr Extents Vargr 09 None
Zhodani Consulate Zhodani Humaniti 08 None
Solomani Confederation Solomani Humaniti 05 None
Droyne Oytrip Yatroy Droyne Interspersed None

Notes: Several sectors are known by other names (by non-imperial races). Strangely enough they use the same co-ordinate system.

  • The earliest known use of the term sector was among the Vilani, who used a slightly smaller 'parsec', compared to the current, Solomani-derived parsec.
  • The library refers to all sectors with the word Sector, thus Riftspan Reaches, or Dark Nebula are known as Riftspan Reaches Sector or Dark Nebula Sector in Library Data entries even though the former name is used in normal discussion.
  • Please see Sector Map and Sectors for an alphabetical listing of all sectors, and alien toponyms (names) for those sectors.

Charted Space Table[edit]

The following table lists the Sectors near the Imperium; see articles on the other empires for sectors in their Domains, and Subsector Map for a map of allegiances by subsector.

Sectors Near the Imperium
-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3
2 Ziafrplians Gvurrdon Tuglikki Provence Windhorn Meshan Mendan Amdukan Arzul
1 Foreven Spinward Marches Deneb Corridor Vland Lishun Antares Empty Quarter Stars End
0 The Beyond Trojan Reaches Reft Gushemege Dagudashaag Core Fornast Ley Gateway
-1 Touchstone Riftspan Reaches Verge Ilelish Zarushagar Massilia Delphi Glimmerdrift Reaches Crucis Margin
-2 Afawahisa Hlakhoi Ealiyasiyw Reaver's Deep Daibei Diaspora Old Expanses Hinterworlds Leonidae
-3 Karleaya Staihaia'yo Iwahfuah Dark Nebula Magyar Solomani Rim Alpha Crucis Spica Phlask
-4 Etakhasoa Aktifao Uistilrao Ustral Quadrant Canopus Aldebaran Neworld Langere Drakken

The following key helps to explain the Charted Space Table:

  • Red (Pink) Sectors are Mostly Imperial-Controlled
  • Yellow Aslan
  • Green Vargr
  • Purple Hiver
  • Orange Solomani
  • Blue Zhodani
  • Clear (Balkanized Space) [No major polity and/or dominant polity]

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