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This page provides a source for all named sectors in the library, and provides alternate names for sectors from other governments. Names for 199 sectors are descibed in the Canon.

Co-ordinates are given in Imperial x,y grid coordinates where core is 0,0. Corewards is +y, rimwards -y. Trailing is +x, and spinward is -x. (Basically the standard map with core at the top the grid is the standard x to the right and y to the top).

Names used in the library are the Imperial names for the sectors.

As the list is so long it has been broken up into 4 lists of about 55 sectors each, either alphabetically or by distance corward/rimward:

Sectors Alphabetical A-E
Sectors Alphabetical F-K
Sectors Alphabetical L-S
Sectors Alphabetical T-Z
Sectors Coordinate +3 to +9
Sectors Coordinate 0 to +2
Sectors Coordinate -3 to -1
Sectors Coordinate -6 to -4
Sector Matrix
+5 STBl ZhSa DaGa TFRz LiVF DfIr FiZo SpNa HaEx
+4 ViBl DrDJ CBGh KsZKG KnKh OVKG AnRf TaKt KoXe
+3 Br
-5Af Oh FaHf IrTe SSBa HaMa HaSt MiDa AtKa UySp
-6TaAy UsOi EaFt ElAh HoAm RRPh TrWr MuLa TeAp

For a map of subsector allegiances, please see Subsector Map.

Sector maps are available on the pages for the Major Race governments: Aslan Hierate, Hive Federation, Solomani Confederation, Imperium, Two Thousand Worlds, Vargr Extents, Zhodani Consulate

See also Sector Map, Sector List.

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