Two Thousand Worlds

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The Two Thousand Worlds is a multi-system, multi-sector hegemony, characterized by a very high degree of governmental centralization that gives local (planetary) governments very little freedom, while enjoying a very strong ability to establish unified policy. Much like the Third Imperium, K'kree governance is also very feudal in nature, with planetary Steppelords having some independence from the de facto supreme leader of the entire, multi-sector polity, the "Steppelord of the Two Thousand Worlds".

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Two Thousand Worlds, or T't'tkahk Xeng Kirr in the K'kree language, is the most common name in the Imperium for the region of space ruled by the K'kree. "Two thousand worlds" is a literal translation of the K'kree T't'tkahk Xeng Kirr. The same words can also be rendered idiomatically as "universe."

In times past, the words meant "night sky," for roughly two-thousand stars can be seen from one hemisphere of Kirur, the K'kree homeworld. The name should not be taken to mean that there are exactly 2,000 worlds in the K'kree Empire.


The K'kree of the Two Thousand Worlds are driven by several very basic but direct goals:

  1. Anti-Carnivorism: To destroy or subjugate the cultures of carnivorous sophonts to make the universe safe for vegetarian (herbivorous) species, and specifically the K'kree themselves.
  2. Violent Monoculturism: To promote and preserve the culture and societies of the K'kree.
  3. Expansionism: To expand the Two Thousand Worlds and advance the glories of the Steppelords.


  • National Leader: "Grand Steppelord of the Two Thousand Worlds"
  • Leadership Home: Grand Amphitheatre of the T't'tkahk Xeng Kirr on Kirur (world)
  • National Emblem: Unknown
  • National Anthem: Unknown
  • National Flag: Unknown
  • National Architecture: Unknown
  • National Executive: Krurruna
  • National Legislature: Krurruna
  • National Judiciary: Krurruna
  • National Currency: Unknown
  • National Color: K'kree Green
  • National Creature: Unknown
  • National Founder: Unknown
  • National Language: The K'kree language, known as !Kee, is shared by all K'kree as a common language and culture.
  • National Literature: Unknown
  • National Motto: Unknown
  • National Sport: Unknown

Polity Quick Facts[edit]

The following overview is available of this polity:

  • Astrography: This polity is located over 9 sectors located trailing and rimward of the Third imperium and estimated to have around 2,000 world/s and system/s.
  • Capital: The capital of this polity is Kirur (world).
  • Population: This polity is estimated to have a population of 1,138,586 (millions), most of whom are K'kree.
  • Technology: The highest attainable technology level of this polity is estimated at TL-15. Technology level research in this polity is working towards mastering TL-16.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this polity:

K'kree Evolutionary History[edit]

The K'kree developed as a plains herbivore, who developed intelligence to thwart carnivorous predators. K'kree quickly achieved dominance and, convinced of the righteousness of their ways, committed genocide against a number of meat-eating carnivorous species, called "G'naak" in K'kree speech. At least one species of G'naak was intelligent and possesed rudimentary spaceflight technology, which they used to escape the K'kree to the Kirur (world)'s, the K'kree homeworld, moon. However, the K'kree were determined to wipe out this species and soon followed them to the moon of Kirur and wiped them out to the last sophont. Not even the name of this intelligent G'naak species is known any longer.

First Contact[edit]

K'kree expansion into space progressed very slowly after the discovery of the jump drive in -4142.

The discovery of other sophonts caused a xenophobic reaction in K'kree society. The realization that intelligent carnivores might exist somewhere in space sparked the K'kree obsession to convert the universe to herbivorism. This obsession stimulated the growth of the Two Thousand Worlds to its present size and still dominates K'kree culture. Local cultures are tolerated and other aspects of K'kree society are not heavily enforced, but all races within the Two Thousand Worlds are herbivorous.

K'kree Empire[edit]

K'kree expansion into space progressed very slowly after the discovery of the jump drive in -4142. The conservative nature of society and the technical limitations placed upon space flight by that society (K'kree spaceships must be very large, for example) combined to inhibit early exploration and colonization.

The K'kree Empire eventually stopped in its expansion. Increasing problems of administration over interstellar distances and contact with other starfaring races, such as Hivers and Humaniti, have stabilized the Two Thousand Worlds at its present size.

Hiver-K'kree War of (-2029 to -2013)[edit]

K'kree history is one of constant triumph until the K'kree of the Two Thousand Worlds encountered the Hivers of the Hive Federation. K'kree contact with the Hive Federation was soon followed by the Hiver-K'kree War of -2029 to -2013. The military technology of the K'kree proved superior in the first stages of the war. The war ended due to nonmilitary considerations, however, when the Hive Federation demonstrated a plan to radically alter the K'kree social order through the use of psycho-historical techniques and threatened to implement it.

The K'kree withdrew to the antebellum borders, and the border between the two states has remained stable to this day.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The basis of Centaur government is rooted in the traditional herd system. The basic unit of government is the herd consisting of thousands of individuals of all sexes, castes and ages) led by krurruna (literally: bosses) under a single steppelord. In recent times, most herds have been assigned specific geographic areas (several may be assigned to a city, or a single herd may be assigned millions of hectares of farmland). A number of herds are governed by a single "lord of steppelords" (usually the ruler of a planet)and the Centaur race as a whole is ruled by a "Steppelord of the 2000 Worlds". [1]

The K’kree government is a hierarchical autocracy, where each steppelord follows the commands of the one above them.

The K'kree government is highly conservative. The current dynasty ruling the Two Thousand Worlds has been in power since prehistoric times, and the form of the government has remained unchanged except for a few minor modifications made necessary by the problems inherent in governing an interstellar empire.

For information on the forms of governments used in the Two Thousand Worlds, please see K'Kree or K'Kree (government).

Interstellar Relations[edit]

This polity conducts diplomacy and maintains active relations with the following other polities

Relations with the Hive Federation are in a state of a Cold War. The previous conflict with the Federation ended with a Treaty and an established border with a Neutral zone between the two. Military Analysis expects the resumption of open hostilities sometime in the future.

Relation with the Vargr Extents, like all relations with the Vargr, depend upon which group is encountered. The K'kree are universally hostile to the carnivorous Vargr and attempt to exterminate them. The Lesser Rift separates the two populatsion which prevents anything more that a low-level, but ongoing, conflict.

Internal Politics[edit]

Steppelords constantly struggle, but violence between Steppelords is forbidden unless the "Steppelord of the Two Thousand Worlds" authorizes it, and then only under a ritualized format designed to substantially limit conflict to a single world with a minimal amount of damage and material usage.


Significant populations of the following sophont races reside within this polity:

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

The K'kree Armed Forces have very little concept of ground and space forces as separate branches. They use one combined military force. All male K'kree are expected to enlist and serve one term in the military forces in some capacity.

The K'kree Armed Constabulary serves as a paramilitary policing forces although they service other functions as well

The K'kree Combined Intelligence Directorate serve as the intelligence organization of the Two Thousand worlds, reporting directly to the Steppelord of the Two Thousand Worlds.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

The K'kree maintain a technologically advanced society across multiple sectors. The interstellar trade maintained by K'kree is smaller than other races based upon the K'kree's normal practice of colonizing only the most habitable worlds, usually after extensive terraforming.

Most K'kree prefer living a more pastorial lifestyle, or what looks to be a pastoral lifestyle supported by an extensive on world technological infrastructure. Some observers mistake this for an actual pastoral lifestyle and assume the K'kree lack access to advanced technology.

Calendar & Timekeeping (Chronology)[edit]

The K'kree calendar is based on the period of Kirur (Ruupiin 1315) (the K'kree homeworld) around Gzang, its star. The K'kree Pim!bigr (year) is 439.56 standard days in length.

See K'kree calendar and Date Conversion for more information.

Worlds & Sectors (Political Astrography)[edit]

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

Capitol/s: 1105[edit]

The capital of this polity is located on this world:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this polity:

19 of 19 World articles in Two Thousand Worlds
'rikookut'  •  Blecaj  •  Eetroob'r  •  Ekrgh'!g  •  G!'kuleer  •  Gh'ghukaax  •  Husvegg  •  Kagh'kir  •  Kagr  •  Kirrx'rrin  •  Kirur  •  Kurr  •  Kutuliroo  •  Lalendris  •  Lexpohspan  •  Luupim  •  Naniin'nee  •  R!krukgh!  •  Tuktaar  •  
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Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Notes
Two Thousand Worlds Pre-Imperial TwTh No standard code None
Two Thousand Worlds 1st Survey (300) Kk 2-ltr code None
Two Thousand Worlds 2nd Survey (1065) Kk2K 4-ltr code None

Constituent State Codes[edit]

Two Thousand Worlds Constituent State
Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
TBD 2nd Survey (1065) TBD 4-ltr code Founded in ?.
  • Further remarks...

Sector Map: 1105[edit]

The following are sectors near the Two Thousand Worlds:

Two Thousand Worlds Space
x: 3


x: 4


x: 5


x: 6


x: 7


x: 8


y: 5


Finggvakhou Zortakh Spangele Nadir Harbinger Extremus
y: 4

Vargr Space

Angfutsag Rfigh Tar'G'kell'p Kteex! Koog Xeeler
y: 3

K'kree Periphery

Ktiin'gzat Mugheen't Grikr!ng Ukoarriit!!b Kring Noor Mbil!!gh
y: 2

K'kree Border

Ingukrax Gn'hk'r Gur Un'k!!k'ng Xaagr Eekrookrigz
y: 1

K'kree Core

Star's End Gh!hken Ruupiin
  • Capital
Raakaan Uuk Sector Gnaa Iimb'kr
y: 0

K'kree Border

Gateway Luretiir!girr X'kug Kilong Bar'kakr Mighabohk
y: -1

K'kree Periphery

Crucis Margin Numbis Gzirr!k'l K'trekreer Nuughe N!!krumbiix
y: -2


Leonidae Krurrihkugr Gnoghikt! Okteekrul Hkimbiipum Gzektixk

Sector control is indicated by:

  • Light Green for K'kree
  • Olive Green for Vargr
  • Purple for Hiver
  • White (clear) for no dominant control

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