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Date: -1,776 Imperial
Solomani: 2,744 A.D.
Vilani: 1,729 VI
Zhodani: 2,191.1
Aslan: 536
K'kree: 5,308
Hiver: -4,373
Previous and Following Years
-1900s -1790s
-1786 -1785 -1784 -1783 -1782 -1781 -1780 -1779 -1778 -1777
-1775 -1774 -1773 -1772 -1771 -1770 -1769 -1768 -1767 -1766
-1780s -1800s
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  • (-1776 to -1526): The failure of the Rule of Man triggered the collapse of most of interstellar civilization. While interstellar travel and commerce continued, it was at a greatly reduced rate, and the many worlds of the Imperium turned in on themselves. The period of collapse is termed Twilight and lasted for two and a half centuries.
The Central Treasury of the Rule of Man at Hub/Ershur (now Kaggushus (Massilia 0402)) refuses to honor a monetary issue of the branch treasury at Antares (Antares 2421).
Syleans maintain minimal interstellar trade; Syleans at TL 10.
The Luriani Cultural Region transforms into the Luriani Protectorate, after the Governor-General of the Terran fleet in Ley Sector trades base rights and protection for citizenship.
  • Human homesteader Kimson Earle settles on Earle (Dark Nebula 0307). After resisting Aslan efforts to expel him, he eventually earns their respect and becomes an expert on Aslan ways.