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The Aslan Tlaukhu stands as one of Charted Space's great political councils.

  • The Tlauku bears some similarities to old Terra's United Nations or Vland's Igsiirdi. While lacking true governmental power, the Tlaukhu exerts great force upon the politics of the Aslan Hierate.


Tlaukhu literally means "the 29". The Aslan words "tlau" and "khu" are the digits three and five. "35" in the Aslan base 8 numbering system is 29 in the decimal system.

  • The name certainly fits this debating body composed of the 29 most powerful Aslan Clans. So important are the 29 to the Aslan that their calendar dates events from the year of the Tlaukhu's formation (-2083 Imperial).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Population, territory and military and economic power determine which clans belong to the 29.

  • The 29 clans and their allegiance codes (A0 being the most powerful bloc, A9 the least powerful) are defined on the Tlaukhu Ranking & Power Blocks Table.

Ranking & Power Blocks (Politics)[edit]

Tlaukhu Ranking & Power Blocks
Rank Clan Bloc-0 Bloc-1 Bloc-2 Bloc-3 Bloc-4 Bloc-5 Bloc-6 Bloc-7 Bloc-8 Bloc-9
01 Yerlyaruiwo A0
02 Khaukheairl A1
03 Syoisuis A2
04 Tralyeaeawi A3
05 Eakhtiyho A4
06 Hlyueawi A5
07 Uiktawa A6
10 Ikhtealyo A7
11 Seieakh A8
12 Aokhalte A9
13 Eteawyolei’ A4
14 Yulraleh Eisohiyw A3
15 Hrawoao A0
16 Eisohiyw A0
17 Isoitiyro A5
20 Estoieie’ A1
21 Iykyasea A6
22 Akatoiloh A8
23 Ferekhearl A0
24 Tlerlearlyo A7
25 Sahao’ A9
26 Toaseilwi A1
27 Fteweyeakh A4
30 Yetahikh A7
31 Aiheilar A3
32 Ouokhoi A9
33 Faowaou A6
34 Riyhalaei A3
35 We'okurir A8

Notes: The Aslan use a Base-8 counting system so the numbers #8, #9, #18. #19, #28, and #29 are not included.

  • Once these numbers are removed, the 35 becomes the 29, the exact number of Aslan clans composing the Tlaukhu.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The clans of the 29 have formed alliances over the centuries.

  • The traditional alliances will have created at least ten well-defined power blocs at any one given time.

Since the inception of the Tlaukhu, ten clans have been replaced by newcomers.

  • The Hlyueawi, for instance, did not join the 29 until 6057 (652 Imperial); they filled the gap left by the Ua-wairlew, who became vassals of the Syoisuis.
  • Other clans have been defeated in war, taken as vassals, or dwindled in number so that their influence waned and their rank dropped.

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