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The Igsiirdi, "Central Ruling Council", was a deliberative governmental body with in the Ziru Sirka.

  • While it had little real (overt) power, it had tremdous influence amongst other parts of the Ziru Sirka.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In -4045, the Vilani people founded the Igsiirdi (Vilani > "Central Ruling Council"), and declared the Ziru Sirka (Vilani > "Grand Empire of Stars"). The Vilani calendar starts on this date.

Changing Igsiirdi Roles[edit]

The role of the Igsiirdi changed a number of times over the span of its existence.

  • Igsiirdi Shangarim Coordinator: The Igsiirdi coordinated the activities of the three Shangarim (Vilani > literally meaning "Triumvirate" or "Tripartite Alliance", but figuratively meaning "Guilds"). In practice it remained the coordinating body of the Shangarim, despite its other roles, as all the governmental functions were carried out by the Shangarim within their territories.
  • Igsiirdi Deliberative Body: Initially the Igsiirdi was simply the means by which the Shangarim debated matters of common interest.
  • Igsiirdi Governing Body: With the start of the Consolidation Wars, the Igsiirdi was transformed into the central governing body of Vland and the Ziru Sirka.
  • Igsiirdi Shangarim Representation: One of the most vital functions of the Igsiirdi was in ensuring that each part of the Shangarim and their products were represented within all the territories of the Ziru Sirka.

Igsiirdi Aftermath[edit]

The Igsiirdi became a model for later political bodies such as the Rule of Man's Council of Noble Officers and the Third Imperium's Moot.

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