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Sharurshid originated with the merchant class or Badenkii and its interstellar trade and was one of the three Vilani bureaux.

  • Sharurshid (Anglic:

Sharurshid) is an Imperial megacorporation believed to be of Vilani (Anglic: Vilani) origin.

  • It was one of the original Shangarim (Anglic:

Shangarim) or Bureaux.

Description (Portfolio)[edit]

Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) is one of the thirteen Imperial MegaCorporations in operation in 1116.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

  • Antiquities Trading
  • Interstellar Shipping & Trade
  • Luxury Goods Trading
  • Speculation

A Vilani (Anglic: Vilani) trade and speculation corporation, with very little manufacturing capability, Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) trades in luxury goods from all parts of the Imperium and many areas beyond.

  • Most rare Terran wines and spirits are carried on the starships of Sharurshid (Anglic:


  • Sharurshid (Anglic:

Sharurshid) has a presence on Ekhor for the sustainable production and export of infertile Tonuetiuhl sunflowers throughout the Imperium.

====Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Ziru Sirka)==== During the Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Ziru Sirka), Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) produced and used the Hero class Far Trader in great quantities. Following the Third Interstellar War, Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid)’s central management was able to construct large numbers of the new design Agidda (Anglic: Agidda) class Attack Cruiser.

Governance & Organization[edit]

The Sharurshid Trust is the overall owning concern of the Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) megacorporation. The Trust maintains significant holdings, beyond the 46% ownership of the corporation itself, which it has delegated administrative responsibilities to Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) corporate leadership. Therefore, it is easy to confuse what holdings are held by Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) the company and the owning Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) Trust. The Sharurshid (Anglic: Sharurshid) Trust is held by the Vilani (Anglic: Vilani) Badenkii (Anglic: Badenkii), the wealthy Industrial magnates in pre-spaceflight Vland (Anglic: Vland).

  • The Sharurshid Trust Administration Division: is responsible for the administration of Sharurshid Trust holdings, except for the ownership responsibilities of the corporation itself.

No information yet available.

  • TBD Division
  • TBD Division
  • TBD Division


Stock ownership (1116):

Sharurshid (Anglic:

Sharurshid) Trust— 46%

Imperial family— 3%
Other corporations — 14%
Zirunkariish (Anglic:

Zirunkariish) — 13%

Hortalez et Cie — 14%
Private ownership — 10%


Notable Investments[edit]

Megacorporation holdings[edit]

Zirunkariish subsidiary holdings[edit]

Other holdings[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Makhidkarun, Sharurshid, and Naasirka were originally regional government agencies providing a broad range of services to the worlds of the First Imperium. When that empire fell (collapsed), the three bureaux transformed themselves into quasi-private companies performing much the same services as before. Over the course of centuries, each has expanded into the others’ territories, and all three are strong competitors throughout the Imperium.

  • The company originated as one of the three Vilani bureaux. It grew with the merchant class and interstellar trade. Sharurshid, which had descended from the Badenkii (wealthy Industrial magnates in pre-spaceflight Vland).

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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World Listing: 1116[edit]

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