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Welcome to the Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin, also called the Imperial Encyclopedia, a Library and game resource where you can contribute to the 46 years of Traveller history.

What is Traveller? If you have never heard of Traveller, we invite you to become part of the Third Imperium and explore Charted Space!

There is also a basic FAQ available. Traveller products are available under Copyright.

Editing the Traveller Wiki

The Traveller Wiki has been proudly serving the Traveller community since February 2006!

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About Traveller
Charted Space Overview
Traveller Setting Overview
Charted Space Technologies
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News & New Releases
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Wiki News
  • Translation of pages in the wiki into Spanish has started. The translators are learning how this is done, and translations will start to appear soon.
  • We are currently working on 50,562 articles.

Note to Traveller Fans and Interstellar Travellers
Dear Traveller and Gentlesophont,
If you desire discussion of Charted Space with your fellow travellers, we recommend you enter the luxurious TAS-Lounge. Most larger starships possess one sponsored by the Travellers' Aid Society for our High Passage guests. The Middle Passage lounge can be found here: Starship General Lounge.
If you desire libations, victuals, or small goods, we recommend you peruse the ship's Vending-Machines.
This AAB database terminal is intended as a handy reference for authors, fans, holovid producers, referees, players, and anyone else interested. With nearly 2,000 publications and over 500 authors and artists, the AAB adds organization to this material for ease of access. It can be rather difficult to wend one's way through the universe of Traveller. Hopefully, this AAB Imperial Encyclopedia will make your interstellar trip a little less arduous.
Note to Traveller Authors
The Traveller RPG Wiki is not considered a canonical source for any Traveller materials. If you, as an author or pedant, need to cite Traveller canon we encourage you to refer to the original primary source materials.
When doing research for your game or writing project, please contact the Research Department or AAB Staff about your needs to ensure the Library Data articles are updated with appropriate sources and background information.
- Master AAB Librarian & Traveller Wiki Editorial Team