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Education in Charted Space can be quite varied with so many worlds possessing different technological bases. An increasing number of Educational Institutes help to right-size the appropriate technology to the needs of its individual world.

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Since time immemorial, sophont species have learned to enhance their intelligence by taking advantage of the hard-earned lessons of their predecessors. Some call this non-genetic knowledge "Extilligence," an endo-technology of intangible lessons.

Pedagogy Methods[edit]

Highly scientific or esoteric methods of improving personal skills and characteristics are logically available, provided travelers search hard enough for them. Such methods include RNA Intelligence or education implants, surgical alteration, military or mercenary training, and other systems. [1]

Pedagogy Methods
Pedagogy Type Technology Remarks
Traditional Classroom Learning Traditional TL-1 to 30 The earliest TL-0 Proto-Sophonts quickly learn to pass on their knowledge to their offspring. Fire-making, stone chipping, the earliest slingshots... All of it can be passed on to the next generation. And not just the knowledge of tangible artifacts, but myths, legends, songs, poetry, philosophy, and more. From the elder to the junior... From the teacher to the student. Even many millennia later, these basic pedagogical techniques still hold true.
The Early Academy Traditional TL-1 to 27 Classroom learning eventually diversifies and separates into skill and prestige categories: preschool, kindergarten, creche, middle school, high school, private schools, public schools, charter schools, college, university, academy, vocational school, etc. ...these better allow more focused service to the populations that have access to them. Quality varies widely in many societies, but good results can be achieved.
Computer-Assisted Learning Mixed TL-7 to 30 As electronics begin to mature and more sophisticated programming becomes available, increasing numbers of computer pedagogues and learning programs begin to supplement traditional educators. Some of these programs can adjust to a student's learning preferences, speed of inculcation, and many other factors producing highly desirable learning results.
Wafertech & Skillsets Cyberware TL-10 to 30 The first wafers and skillsets seemed to at first make traditional learning obsolete. Within just a few generations of their introductions, this method of acquiring knowledge began to show its limitations. The technology is still used, but with great caution, and not with as widespread usage as futurists once expected of it.
Artificial Intelligence & Individualized Education Cyberware TL-10 to 30 The first positronic brains produced learning bots with capabilities far ahead of any previous pedagogy methods. The megacorporations are still exploring the full capabilities of these advanced machines and, even without true artificial intelligence, the newest "teacher bots" have helped promising students to learn more than ever before. These machines are not cheap or in widespread distribution yet though. Currently, only the very wealthy or connected can afford or acquire them.


Sophonce requires technology and technology requires education. And education in very practical terms means extilligence, the ability of a sophont species to pass on knowledge to the next generation outside of purely genetic or biological means.

Educational Institutions[edit]

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Educational Institutions
Institutions Type Technology Remarks
Primary Schools Elementary Traditional Primary schools teach basic or foundational knowledge: arithmetic, letters, early socialization, and a variety of other subjects based upon the technology and culture of the sophont society.
Secondary Schools Intermediate Traditional Secondary schools teach intermediate knowledge, on an increasing spectrum of advanced knowledge leading to more advanced technologies.
Trade Schools & Vocational Education Tertiary Traditional Traditional learning starts for most sophont societies with elders passing down wisdom to juniors, parents to offspring, and/or the band society or village to its constituents. As societies grow, knowledge becomes increasingly variegated. The knowledge base grows more and more specialized. Eventually, many societies separate practical knowledge into a category called vocational or trade study, a practical means of supporting a society and earning a living.
Universities & Higher Education Tertiary Traditional Universities and higher education push more advanced knowledge: theory, science, and many types of knowledge separated from the practical applications of vocational or trade schools. Universities often grow into sprawling campuses spread out over a world with many outreach annexes located off-world.
Educational Institutes Adjunct Traditional The Educational Institutes are the totality of research, universities, colleges, schools, and places of higher learning within the Imperium and known beyond the borders of the Third Imperium within Charted Space. In a decentralized interstellar society spanning the stars, Educational Institutes help to coordinate education across poly-stellar learning networks, helping individual worlds to right-size appropriate educational technologies to a world's needs. The Institute itself is a decentralized advisory body offering noncoercive direction to educational systems and civil institutions on a world.
Psionic Institutes Adjunct Psionics Psionic Institutes teach the arts of psionics and psionicology.
Data Repositories Adjunct Library Data Repositories are vast storehouses of data, significantly better stocked than an average library or data center.


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