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Genetic Engineering, geneering, genetic modification and gene splicing are terms for the process of manipulating genes, generally implying that the process is outside an organism's natural reproductive process.

  • Geneering can be used for a wide variety of applications from medicine, life creation, uplift, and beyond.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Genetic engineering involves the isolation, manipulation, transfer, and reintroduction of DNA into cells or model organisms usually to express a protein.

The aim is to introduce new characteristics or attributes physiologically or physically, such as making a crop resistant to a herbicide, introducing a novel trait, or producing a new protein or enzyme, along with altering the organism to produce more of certain traits.

Genetic engineering can be used to alter a life form for adaptability to other worlds by introducing traits that will aid in survival.

Technology of Genetics[edit]

Uplift technology[edit]

Though extensive work a species can be given a radically new biology (e.g. gills, vacuum tolerance, manipulating appendages), this combined with an increase in the potential intelligence is usually called uplifting.

Uplift technology is, for the most part, a very new science for TL–13 and less advanced cultures. Many new life forms have been developed, but they lack the master touch that a group like the Ancients possessed.

In particular, the Solomani Confederation and Hive Federation possess significant edges and advanced technology in this field compared to the other Major Races.

Human geneered species[edit]

Human chimera are Chimera using Humaniti as the, or one of the, base species while engineering the new species. Such species are known as Variant Human Races. Some human chimera found within Charted Space include:

  1. Acheron
  2. Aquans
  3. Fervoriani
  4. Ginsharian
  5. Iziri
  6. Jonkeereen
  7. Lamura Teg (Supra-Species)
  8. Lilithian
  9. Neiikhi
  10. Nexxies
  11. Otari
  12. Scanians
  13. Selenite
  14. Wuans

Non-human geneered species[edit]

Chimeras using non-human races as the, or one of, the base species are known as Variant Non-Human Races. A few of the genetically engineered species that exist with Charted Space include:

Terragen species[edit]

Terragens are Chimera using one of the non-human species from Terra (Solomani Rim 1827). The Solomani, as one of the leading uplift engineers, extensively used species from their homeworld as the source for a number of uplift projects. The Ancients, another leading uplift engineers, also used Terra as a source of several known sophonts.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Genetically Modified Organisms: Lifeforms that have been genetically engineered are known by a variety of terms including:

  • Artificial Life
    • Alife
    • A-life
    • Artificial Lifeform
    • Artificial Duplicate ("Ditto" or "Golem")
  • Chimera
  • Cisgenesic Life
    • Cisgenic Lifeform
  • Claytronic Life
    • Claytronic Lifeform
  • Clone
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)
  • Grey Goo
  • Intragenic Life
    • Intragenic Lifeform
  • Living Modified Organism
  • Metalife
    • Meta Lifeform
  • Mutant
  • Parahuman
  • Paratransgenetic Life
  • Paratransgenetic Lifeform
  • Pseudobiological Robot
  • Pseudolife
  • Pseudo Lifeform
  • Replicator
  • Synthetic Life
    • Synthetic Lifeform
  • Terragen
  • Transgenic Life
    • Transgenic Lifeform
  • Transhuman
  • Uplift

Process Synonyms[edit]

The genetic engineering process is often known by other phrases and terms including:

  • Accelerated Evolution
  • Bioengeering
  • DNA Doctoring
  • Epigenetic modification
  • Forced Evolution
  • Gene Splicing
  • Geneering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Genetic Modification
  • Progressive Evolution
  • Prolifting
  • Provolution
  • Uplift

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