Relict Regeneration

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Relict Regeneration is a medical procedure in which the body of an injured sophont is too grievously injured to repair, so a new body is prepared through genetic cloning and the mind of the originating body is transferred to the newly prepared bodily vessel.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

During the Fifth Frontier War, the Imperial Military made this technology widely available to martial combatants. Many chose a new life using a relict body. All were changed in unpredictable ways, but life went on.

The technology had been available before but was as hideously expensive as anagathics, putting out of the reach of the common gentlesophont. Undisclosed breakthroughs around the 900's made widespread application more available to controlled subjects chosen by the Imperial Bureaucracy.


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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Robotics took giant leaps forward in the 400's with increasingly sophisticated pseudobiological robots becoming developed. The exact details of rogue artificial intelligences and infomorphs had been observed for centuries when a number of scientific teams throughout Imperial Space began experimenting with memory transference using the organic minds of actual sophonts rather than the inorganic minds of positronic artificial intelligences.

The first experiments went horribly no matter the scientific team nor research station location. Organic minds were surely metempsychotically transferred but what entered the new body was changed... and flawed. The first transferred personalities weren't stable and invariably degraded after a period of about thirty days.

Wafertech and Skillsets were improved with the experimental but flawed data. And the secret scientific teams kept experimenting. By 1116, the teams had made significant breakthroughs using data on a relatively newly discovered lifeform, the Chips.

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