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Type Medical
Tech Level TL–15
Cost Cr30,000+ per dose
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Size Various
Weight Various
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Anagathics are drugs which counteract the aging process. [1]

  • Anagathics or Antiagathics are longevity drugs, usually a mixture of several compounds that help prevent aging and prolong life in Humans and other sophonts.
  • Please see Rejuvenation for related information.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A regimen of regular monthly doses enables an individual to ignore the aging die throws and their potential for debilitation. Because of the rarity and demand for anagathics, they are quite expensive, and are often unavailable at any price. [2]

In medical terms, antiagathics are known to confer a form of biological immortality through the conference of a stable or decreasing rate of mortality from cellular senescence as a function of chronological age.

Antigathic Sources[edit]

Some sources of antiagathic substances in Charted Space include:


Antiagathics are indicated as for the limited prevention of aging and prolongation of life in Humans. Antiagathics have been developed for members of Humaniti as well as other species of sophonts.

Administration and regimen[edit]

A regimen of regular monthly doses enables an individual to ignore the debilitating effects of advancing years. They need to be used starting at the age of 30, and with luck, the user may reach an age of 100 or more before old age affects the user. Because of the rarity and demand for anagathics, they are quite expensive and are often unavailable at any price.

It takes a while for the total effects of anagathics to be felt; it also takes a while for the effects of anagathics to totally go away. However there are withdrawal effects from interrupting the supply of anagathics. Obviously, anagathics are most effective if they can be taken long-term without interruption. A continually interrupted supply can have devastating effects.

Anagathics have dangerous side-effects on some users and often anagathics users take extra risks to maintain a constant supply.


Antiagathics are known by many names throughout known space.

Medical Antiagathic Terms[edit]

Antiagathics are also known by many terms to the medical and life sciences community of Charted Space:

  • Anagathics.
  • Anti-aging medicine.
  • Anti-senescent pharmaceuticals.
  • Biomedical gerontologicals.
  • Life extenders (Life extension pharmaceutical), or Indefinite life extenders.
  • Regenerative medicines.
  • Rejuvenators.
  • SENS pharmaceutical (Solution for Engineered Negligible Senescence).

Imperial Antiagathic Terms[edit]

Antiagathics are also informally known throughout the Imperium as:

  • "Amrita" among the Solomani.
  • "Dorian Gray's fix" among the Solomani.
  • "Iðunn's apples" among the Sword Worlders.
  • "Rejuv" among the Vilani.
  • "Soma" among the Vilani.
  • Panacea (or panaceum), or Universal Panacea, also known as Panchrest among many medical practitioners.

Solomani Confederation Antiagathic Terms[edit]

In the Terran culture alone, there are hundreds of names for antiagathics. Some of these names include:

  • "Aab-i-Hayat"
  • "Al iksir"
  • "Amrita ras," the Elixir of life, also known as Amrit, the Nectar of Immortality
  • "Aqua vitae," or Aqua vita
  • "Arawn's cauldron," or the Annuvinian cauldron
  • "Bimini juice"
  • "Ceridwen's cauldron," Tuatha Dé Danann's cauldron, or Dyrnwch's cauldron
  • "Elixir of life" (or "Water of Life"), or Elixir of Immortality
  • "Gold juice"
  • "Jade juice"
  • "Maha Ras"
  • "Philosopher's stone"
  • "Soma ras"

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Antiagathics changed Imperial society in many ways.

Medical Miracle[edit]

For practitioners of medicine, Antiagathics were a miracle breakthrough, allowing doctors to delay aging and prolong life in Humans. Medical researchers are still studying the effects of antiagathic substances, of which a number of sources have been discovered on different worlds (planets) in known space.

Tool of the Elites[edit]

For those who feared an oligarchy of elites, their worst fears has come to light.

  • The Nobles of Imperial society, can now prolong their lives by many decades.
  • This drug makes it possible for Nobles, politicians, megacorporation CEO's, and other elites to the time in power from a short period of a decade or two to many decades and sometimes, well over a century.
  • It is rumored that some elites have been secretly changing their identies in an effort to avoid public scrutiny.
  • And cost factors prohibit all but the highest levels of society from being able to afford these pharmaceuticals.

Social Acceptance[edit]

Imperial society generally frowns on Nobles who use antiagathics.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

While many planetary sources of anagathics have been tightly kept secrets, others are more widely known.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are known sources of anagathic materials:

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