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Schunamann und Sohn AG (SuSAG) concentrates on chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and geneering industries. The company has expanded beyond healthcare to industrial processes and even military contracts, often to the detriment of its public image.

Market Ticker Code[edit]

This business entity is traded under the following interstellar market code/s:

Market Ticker Code
Name Code Type Charter Remarks
SuSAG TBD 4 to 12 alphanumeric character LIC None

Description (Portfolio)[edit]

SuSAG is one of the thirteen Imperial MegaCorporations in operation in 1116.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

  • Biotechnology
    • Geneering
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Schunamann und Sohn AG, LIC: SuSAG engages in a wide range of chemical, pharmaceutical, and geneering activities. SuSAG is the primary manufacturer of anagathics for the Imperium, and maintains psi drug manufacturing plants in certain client states outside Imperial borders.

Governance & Organization[edit]

President, Board of Directors


Corporate Security
Public Relations


Each Division is headed by a Vice-President and activities are controlled by Regional General Managers in each Division.


Stock ownership: 1105

Stock ownership: 1126[1]


Best Known Products & Services[edit]

This business is best known for:

  1. TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Because of the bad reputation for safety of its chemical/biological warfare division, the firm is not well liked in many regions, even though all of SuSAG's dangerous manufacturing plants and experimental stations are located on remote, uninhabited planetoids.

  • Since sabotage of its plants is widespread, and its products extremely valuable, the firm maintains a large paramilitary security force, equipped to tech level 12-14 standards.
  • SuSAG was founded in 252 by Gustav Schunamann, financed from royalties received for his purification process for various psi-drugs, and using the shell of a bankrupt Sylean firm (hence the archaic AG in its name).
  • With the Psionics Suppressions in 800, psi drugs were declared illegal, all plants engaged in their manufacture within the Imperium closed, and all stocks confiscated and destroyed.
  • Fortunately for SuSAG, the firm had by then expanded into other operations, and although badly damaged, managed to survive and prosper.
  • SuSAG often engages in clandestine military ventures (using mercenary units) to protect their extra-Imperial interests.

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]

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History-Era: New Era[edit]

The New Era (Click Show to reveal)
The surviving Post-Collapse part of SuSAG has an equally spectacled past, with run-ins with Regency and Spinward Hinter governments over smuggling, production of contraband and illegal materials, and often boorish behavior by its management and private security services. In recent decades the company has been hurt by increasing competition; a failure to adjust to new technology and fund basic R&D has caused its profits and market share to slip, and its dominance has been eclipsed by rivals like General Mechanics and Sternmetal Horizons. The company maintains its headquarters at Glisten, and regional headquarters at Pretoria, Pikha and Neumann.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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World Listing: 1105[edit]

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