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A Portfolio is the description portion of an AAB Library Data entry for a corporation, megacorporation, or other kind of business.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

In finance, a portfolio is a collection of investments held by a corporation, megacorporation, hedge fund, financial institution or individual.

  • The term “portfolio” refers to any combination of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and cash. Portfolios may be held by individual investors and/or managed by financial professionals, hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions. It is a generally accepted principle that a portfolio is designed according to the investor's risk tolerance, time frame, and investment objectives. The monetary value of each asset may influence the risk/reward ratio of the portfolio.

Portfolio Parameters[edit]

A portfolio lists the following data:

  • Commercial Competencies: What type of business the corporation conducts.
  • Governance & Organization: How the corporation governs and organizes itself.
  • Subsidiaries: Any offshoot of sub-companies of the base corporation.
  • Stockholders: Who is invested in the corporation... This can change relatively rapidly making record-keeping complex. However, limitations of communication to the speed of travel still keep this somewhat manageable.

Portfolio Explication[edit]

  • A typical portfolio is divided into two types. They are discretionary and non discretionary portfolios.
    • Discretionary portfolio: Changeable assets that can be modified, trades, and flexible in characteristics.
    • Non-discretionary portfolio: Fixed assets that are unchanging.
  • In the Third Imperium, a security is a tradable financial asset of any kind. Securities are broadly categorized into:
    • Debt securities (e.g., banknotes, bonds, and debentures)
    • Equity securities (e.g., common stocks)
    • Derivatives (e.g., forwards, futures, options, and swaps).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Portfolios are ideally objective assessments and records of a financial organization's trading, investing, and other economic activities. It is not unknown for such files and dossiers to be less than entirely accurate.

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