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Charted Space is the region of space inhabited by humans, six major races, and hundreds of minor ones.

  • Charted Space encompasses at least 128 sectors and more than 80,000 worlds. Both words are capitalized.
  • Some refer to it in error as Known Space

Description (Specifications)[edit]

However, Charted Space is unusual for one important reason – it has sentient life.

Humaniti & The Stars[edit]

There are groups of humans living on far-distant worlds at the edge of Charted Space. But they did not originate there; they were transported from Terra long ago for reasons unknown by a group or species known now as the Ancients. It is unconfirmed whether human races live beyond the borders of Charted Space.

Intelligent Life & Charted Space[edit]

Non-sentient life has been found beyond the little bubble of well-traveled space inhabited by the various major and minor races, but as far as explorers have traveled in any direction they have not found a sentient species that did not originate in Charted Space. The reason for this island of life among a billion barren worlds is unknown. Of course, scientists concede that there may be sentient life out there, beyond the explored regions, who have not yet been contacted. There are certainly many kinds of strange and exotic lifeforms out there, whether they are intelligent or not is the real question

Weltanschauung of Charted Space[edit]

Most sophonts hold the following view of their universe with the Third Imperium serving as the focal point for Charted Space:

Of course, the real world never breaks down so neatly as the layers of a terran layered cake or traditional layered akumidean vilnafku. In reality, balkanized World-States often exist alongside independent Pocket Empires while intermixed with the polities of the major powers, often as the results of postwar treaties.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Charted Space is a region, hundreds of parsecs across, that comprises the parts of the galaxy that are inhabited by sophonts and charted by astrographers.

Largest Polities Data Chart[edit]

However, even with the immensity of Charted Space, it is but a mere droplet in the vast ocean of stars that is the galaxy.

(Populations Over 500 billion)
Largest Polities in Charted Space Based On Population








Third Imperium 8,988 18,009 H An extremely diverse population of 17,989,466 to 19,009,000 (millions) sophonts (around 18 trillion inhabitants).
Hive Federation 4,464 11,817 J No information yet available.
Zhodani Consulate 5,850 9,491 G This includes corewared provinces outside the Sector Matrix
Aslan Hierate 4,628 7,081 G No information yet available.
Solomani Confederation 1,876 2,956 H No information yet available.
Two Thousand Worlds 1,077 2,392 F No information yet available.
Julian Protectorate 1,097 1,645 F A supra-polity largely dominated by a partnership of humans and vargr located within the Vargr Extents. This number includes all member worlds combined.
Third Empire of Gashikan 652 962 C This polity is believed to be the largest human-dominated state not ruled by a major human race.
Empire of Varroerth 855 936 G This polity is the largest Vargr-dominated state within the Vargr Extents.
Kidunal Abeyance 155 634 C (non-canon): No information yet available.
  • Chart created by Nathan Brazil.

Sector Matrix: 1105[edit]

The below astrographic charts represent the known bounds of Charted Space.

  • 128 of the sectors represent the core areas (black map)
  • 88 of the sectors are represented by a 2-letter code (not on blackmap)
    • = (216 sectors) = (18 x 12 sectors)
Sector Matrix
+5 STBl ZhSa DaGa TFRz LiVF DfIr FiZo SpNa HaEx
+4 ViBl DrDJ CBGh KsZKG KnKh OVKG AnRf TaKt KoXe
+3 Br
-5Af Oh FaHf IrTe SSBa HaMa HaSt MiDa AtKa UySp
-6TaAy UsOi EaFt ElAh HoAm RRPh TrWr MuLa TeAp

For a map of subsector allegiances, please see Subsector Map.

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Astrography Metadata[edit]


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