Traveller:The New Era (book)

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Traveller: The New Era
Traveller The New Era.jpg
Author Frank ChadwickDave Nilsen
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Traveller The New Era
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 384
Year Published 1993
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See TNE
ISBN 1-55878-116-1 Stock #0300
Table of Contents
Introduction 6
Characters 14
The New Era 73
Referees 105
Worlds and travel 179
Combat 263
Equipment and technology 328
Appendix 380
Index 384

Traveller: The New Era (book) is a Game Designers Workshop product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

From The Back Cover: A Civilization Ready to Re-awaken ...

But it cannot do so by itself. Three generations ago, a star-spanning society annihilated itself in a furious war. The final weapon in this war was a new form of life - a malevolent electronic race that hates life itself. But among the ruins, life is stirring - a civilization is waiting to be rebuilt.

You are one of those rebuilders, and you know that to regain the stars, humanity must be willing to pay the bill for a generation of carnage and destruction. That bill can only be paid with audacity, courage, and dogged determination. You are bold enough to pay that price, because you've seen what passes for existence in the ruins of civilization, and it's not good enough. Not by a long shot.

Winning the stars was never easy, but you‘re going to make that new future - one world at a time. It's time for a New Era.

Inside Traveller: The New Era you'll find everything you need to create an entire universe of limitless adventure:

  • A character generation system with over 40 careers and 100 skills, from wilderness survival to starship astrogation.
  • A fast, simple task and combat system compatible with GDW's Twilight 2000 and Dark Conspiracy games.
  • A colourful and innovative vector-based starship combat system which provides rich tactical detail but which can be played without a map.
  • World generation which lets you design entire universes from stars to planets, and the creatures that live on them.
  • Detailed starships, high-technology weapons and vehicles.

A New Era is waiting. Take charge of it with Traveller: The New Era.

Table of Contents[edit]

Traveller:Traveller: The New Era
Section Page/s
Introduction 6
Characters 14
The New Era 73
Referees 105
Worlds & Travel 179
Combat 263
Equipment & Technology 328
Appendix 380
Index 384

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Electromagnetic Masking
  2. Virus

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The New Era is the core book for the Traveller The New Era version of Traveller.

  • Traveller: The New Era' 1992-1995) was published by Game Designers' Workshop. The game mechanics were changed to Game Designers' Workshop's standardized rules system which had originally appeared in the second edition of Twilight: 2000.
  • It introduced the Virus and described the former area of the Third Imperium after interstellar society had completely collapsed.
  • The game is often referred to as "TNE".
  • Set in the Reformation Coalition, the game revolves around re-contact of the former Imperial planets after the effects of many years of no interstellar trade.

Included with Fire, Fusion, & Steel was a small format 16-page booklet called, Traveller: The New Era Upgrade Booklet. This contained updates to the original Traveller: The New Era rulebook and errata for Fire, Fusion & Steel itself. The rational behind the booklet was described as follows.

  • "For the publication of FF&S, we have created design sequences which are much more comprehensive than those we used when designing equipment for the TNE rulebook. Much of the TNE equipment has therefore been redesigned according to the FF&S sequences, and is included in this upgrade booklet. In addition, several rules additions and errata are included as well.
  • "There are limitations to what can be included in a book of this size. All information on starship upgrades is already available in Brilliant Lances.
  • "All of this material will be incorporated into the TNE second printing, which can be recognised by the phrase, 'Mk I Mod 1 (December 1993)' on its title page."

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Credit Authors & Contributors
Game Design Frank Chadwick and Dave Nilsen
Additional Design and Development Loren Wiseman
Idol Dreams Adventure Kevin Brennan
Once and Future Emperor Adventure James Maliszewski and Frank Chadwick
Hub Worlds Subsection Design Adrian Stewart, Jae Campbell, Michael R. Mikesh, Leighton Piper, Nick Walker, Mark Gelinas, Harold Hale, Bertil Jonell, and David Schneider
Front Cover Art John Zeleznik
Back Cover Art Tony Szczudlo
Interior Art Janet Aulisio, Steve Bryant, Rob Caswell, Paul Daly, C. Brent Ferguson, Ken Frank, Bryan Gibson, Rick Harris, Dick Hentz, William H. Keith, Jr., Rob Lazzaretti, Allen Nunis, and Mike Vilardi

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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