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A Panet Relationship is a sociological term for particularly close relationships that are formed between two different species of sophonts with closely compatible psycholgies.

  • Panet Relationships are a function of very compatible species psychologies and, as such, many sophonts are unable to form close relationships due to deep biological values. The most famous Panet Relationship is that of Humaniti and Vargr. The two species seem to have a natural disposition to form close partnerships... When they aren't killing each other. A Panet Relationship has been described as a recognition of the fact that Humans and Vargr like each other, fundamentally.

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Cultural Mores[edit]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Panet Relationship has been described as a recognition of the fact that Humans and Vargr like each other, fundamentally.

  • Those who accept the Panet Relationship as 'natural' point to the close relationship between Humans and non-sophont canines that started on Earth in prehistoric times, and which continues to this day. They suggest that the same psychological factors that operated to bring Humans and canines together on Earth continue to operate to bring Human and Vargr together; the fact that Vargr are sophonts as well adds an additional measure of respect that does not normally exist in the relationship with non-sophont canines, but in no way reduces the fundamental attraction between the two species.

Expectations in the Extents[edit]

A Human and a Vargr in a panet relationship are free within certain relatively loose social limits to engage in behavior that might be considered "shocking" by either Humans or Vargr elsewhere. For example, the Human member of the relationship may be seen to scratch or rub the Vargr member much as might be done to a non-sophont dog, and the Vargr will enjoy it; similarly, it is not unusual to see the Vargr member of a Panet Relationship to greet the Human member after a prolonged separation by placing his/her hands on the Human's shoulders and licking the Human's face enthusiastically.

  • The Panet Relationship is part of the "social scene" on Asimikigir; certain social functions require that an attendee bring a panet, much as others require a spouse or a friend of a particular type.
  • Members of a Panet Relationship often also have close relationships with others of their own species; in both Human and Vargr families, one or both parents may have panets, who are considered "part of the family", acting in the role of perhaps a "favorite uncle".
  • The result of these interlocked relationships is an "extended family" containing members of both species; it has been noted by psychologists of both species that the children of both species in such extended families are more likely to form Panet Relationships, and at an earlier age, than those who are not as exposed to Panet Relationships.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

On Asimikigir itself, integration and harmonious relations between Human and Vargr have progressed farther than anywhere else in the Asimikigir Confederation, or indeed in the Protectorate itself. On most other worlds, individual relationships between Human and Vargr are often friendly; it is unusual for them to progress beyond that to intimate (in a non-sexual sense).

  • On Asimikigir, it is common for Human and Vargr to achieve a relationship whose closeness is matched elsewhere only in the relationship between a person and a pet - except that in the case of the relationship between a Human and a Vargr, there is no sense of one member of the relationship being in any way subordinate to the other. This relationship is referred to as the 'Panet Relationship', possibly from 'comPANion/pET'.

Panet Origins & Development[edit]

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