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Metempsychosis, or mind transference, is the process by which a mind is transferred from one body, or vessel, to another.

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Cultural Mores[edit]


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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Metempsychosis refers to advanced psychological technology enabling mind transfer. It's not a perfected science within Charted Space.

Term Etymology[edit]

Etymology: "Change in Soul" ...via late Latin from Greek [metempsukhōsis, from: meta- (expressing change)] + [en ‘in’] + [psukhē ‘soul’]. Claimed to have been first used in Late 16th century by Terran dating on Terra.

Relict Regeneration & Organic Cloning[edit]

Relict Regeneration is the process of transferring a preexisting mind into the body of a newly created clone. It's a cutting edge technology within Charted Space, but some aspects of it has been in use among the ultra-wealthy and Imperial Nobles for generations.

Contemporary Wafertech & Inorganic Memory Transference[edit]

The waferjack is essentially a computer data transfer interface wired directly into the cortex. However, after a lazy initial civilian market success, due mostly to social stigmas regarding cybernetic and bionic enhancements in the Solomani Rim, new uses were discovered. Users found that they could save and transfer memories, and experiences in addition to pure data. In addition to the development of skillsofts, this also sparked a new niche in entertainment, the virtual world exploded.

Infomorphs & Inorganic Memory Transference[edit]

No information yet available. Virus.

Psionic Memory Transference[edit]

No information yet available. Virus.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Metempsychosis (Greek: μετεμψύχωσις) is a philosophical term in the Terran Greek language referring to transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation after death. The term "transmigration" is also used.

The term was re-appropriated many centuries later to indicate mind transference especially of sophont species like the Denaar.

Denaar & Natural Metempsychosis[edit]

No information yet available.

Low Autonomous Infomorphs[edit]

No information yet available.

Early Wafertech & Skillsets[edit]

The Waferjack, or more colloquially, the chipsocket, was developed by the Solomani company UBM, initially as a way to speed up transfer of information. It is an evolution of virtual reality simulations, from observing, to experiencing. The waferjack also allows a user to record their experiences and share them as a virtual reality adventure. In this way, someone can not only see the vacation, they can experience the vacation through all of the recorder's senses. Technologists are working on recording an individual's entire personality profile for the cloning industry, but have so far been unsuccessful.

Use of a Waferjack is not without risks. Anything that wires directly to the brain can be dangerous, and numerous early adopters suffered extreme brain damage from faulty waferjacks. Mandatory failsafes and feedback protocols have subsequently been developed, but there always remains a risk. In addition, extensive use of a waferjack over time can cause personality degradation, and/or other neurological disorders.

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