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A Relict is a kind of cloning technology. Used to replace a person who has died or is permanently incapacitated with an exact copy of the Original who is Legally the same entity.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]


[ˈrelikt] NOUN

  • A thing which has survived from an earlier period or in a primitive form. An animal or plant that has survived while others of its group have become extinct.
  • A species or community that formerly had a wider distribution but now survives in only a few localities such as refugia.


  • A widow.


  • A replacement for a Person that is indistinguishable from the original. A clone that is considered the Same as the original Sophont. Uses a Personality Recording

A Relict in Traveller 5 is much more than just a primitive form or clone of it's original. It is more the archetype of that person as of a certain date. It is intended to replace the original in the event of death or incapacitation. It is a clone that has the same personality (C4, C5, C6 as the original including all skills and knowledges. It has all the same memories as the original template as of the date of it's personality recording.

A clone may be it's own person but a relict is the person it is cloned from. Relicts use the clone DNA die for C1, C2, C3 +1D

relicts without the Personality Recording implanted are similar to a clone in that C4 is based on the genetic C4. Unlike a clone C5 and C6 would be automatically 0 as the relict is essentially a blank canvas.

Similar to Guest[edit]

Guest are similar in purpose to relicts but with time limited bodies and tailored personalities. Please see Guest for further information.

Similar to Offspring[edit]

Offspring are similar in purpose to relicts but are not implanted with a Personality Recording and are left to grow at a normal rate for their Sophont species. Please See Offspring for further Information.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Deliberately created clones intended to replace dead or incapacitated persons who carry "Life Insurance."

Relicts are not created until the pattern has died or disappeared. When a pattern dies, a relict is force-grown to Life Stage 3 and implanted with the pattern’s recorded personality (including memories and skills).A relict preserves memories and is an effective duplicate or replacement for the pattern.

The creation of Relicts are examples of mature cloning technologies and brain pattern personality recordings.

Legal Status[edit]

In Imperium law a Relict is the same as original Sophont in relation to ownership of property, family status, and Social Status.


A relict maybe sporting a hidden or unobtrusive marking for identification purposes. Purposely hidden as obvious markings frustrate their purpose. These markings are to insure that if the Original does show up in that there is a method to determine who is primary owner of the personality and legal status.


//non canon// Relicts that have been released with the personality recording implanted without the original dying or being replaced are in effect illegal relicts or potentially offspring. They may be hunted down so as to avoid security issues.

//following is canon// If they are released without their personalities they are similar but not the same as clones as they will not have a defined C5 or C6 and those characteristics will be effectively 0, effectively they are uneducated illicit offspring of the progenitor in this case.

Reproduction and Life Span[edit]

A relict has the same fecundity as the original template.

Relicts are forcegrown to life stage 3 and thus are subject to force growth accelerating aging patterns. Physical aging begins at life Stage 4 and Mental Aging begins at Life Stage 8. One stage earlier in both cases than the original sophont.

As with all clones it is possible to not use forcegrown techologies but the time period between activation of the Life Insurance Policy and the reappearance of a Relict in society will be the normal period of the sophonts species to reach life stage 3.

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