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A Variant Non-Human Race is a distinct intelligent species, not of the human species or a subspecies thereof.

  • They were created by genetic engineering performed on a species after it has achieved sophontdom, but not necessarily become a member of the interstellar community.


These species may have various morphologies including humanoid, semi-humanoid, or non-humanoid forms.


Reproduction or perpetuation of a species is one of the primary drives of a sophont species. It is by no surprise that many sophonts not only perpetuate their own race but also seek to create or modify new lifeforms.

Some sophont species such as the Hivers put great societal important on the creation, Uplift, and perpetuation of advanced lifeforms.

The Solomani share a common passion for Geneering, but their attitudes regarding new life differ greatly from the Hivers.

Non-human Geneered Species[edit]

A few of the genetically engineered species that exist within Charted Space include:

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