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The three Major Human Races are:

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Interesting factoids:

  • These three races are widely believed to have independently developed the jump drive.
  • These races are collectively called Humaniti and are only considered one of the Major Races or of the Six Races.
  • Some consider these races to all be subspecies of one another.

Solomani Hypothesis[edit]

The Solomani Hypothesis states that the Solomani or Terrans are the original donor species.

  • There is some genetic evidence to support this claim.
  • Whatever the truth may be, the very topic of the Solomani Hypothesis is highly political and widely disputed.
  • The Geonee, in particular, strongly dispute this idea and insist that they are a different species rather than a subspecies of the Solomani.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

While it is widely accepted that all three have independently developed the jump drive, there is some discussion a to whether some or all of these species evolved independently or under the manipulative geneering influence of a precursor race such as the mysterious Ancients.

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