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Ascendant Sophonts are the most advanced intelligent lifeform conjectured to exist before the advent of the Singularity.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Ascendants are strange, impossibly advanced beings. They have fewer ties to the corporeal world than the vast majority of sophonts and are often embroiled in philosophical pursuits unknown to others. They can traverse time and space, travel to new worlds, stars, existences, times, and even universes. Heck, they can build new universes. And, yet they don't know everything despite their vast power. And the singularity and an existence beyond technology beckon to them...

Their technology is known as Omni-Tech and are bhodhisattivan technologies with a polytemporal, trans-dimensional scope. They are known as Kardaschev Type 5 Societies with Polyuniversal Mastery.

Cycle of Life & Sophontic Civilization[edit]


  1. A-life
  2. Proto-Life (transitory stage)
  3. Creatures
  4. Proto-Sophonts (transitory stage)
  5. Sophonts
  6. Transcendents (transitory stage)
  7. Ascendants
  8. Singularity

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Many call these hypothetical beings Elder Races as they are near impossible for earlier societies to understand. Their ability to transverse nearly any obstacle of time or space truly makes them masters of the Omni Period, effectively a near omnipotential society.

The ability to create and manipulate pocket universes infinitely expands available resources and turns all but the most adventurous inward. Time Travel heralds the Singularity. Technological existence is forever transformed. Multiple possible existences motivates sophonts to seek existence beyond technology.

Ascendant Artifacts[edit]

Ascendant artifacts are considered to be impossibly advanced omnipotential objects, in the TL:31-33 range. They might not be recognizable as tangible or corporeal objects and are known as Omni-Tech.

Ascendant Achievements[edit]

Some of the conjectured miracles of the Ascendants include:
Ascendant Superscience:

  1. Chronotaxis (Time Travel)
  2. Criswell Structures
  3. Dimensional-hopping Mastery
  4. Infallible Disintegrators
  5. Eight Drives capable of hundreds of millions of parsecs of travel
  6. Incorporeal Existence
  7. Jupiter Brains
  8. Nine Drives capable of billions of parsecs of travel
  9. Nova Triggers
  10. Parachronic Technology
  11. Reality Drives capable of instantaneous, unlimited travel
  12. Reality Manipulation Mastery
  13. Singularity
  14. Seven Drives capable of tens of millions of parsecs of travel
  15. Six Drives capable of millions of parsecs of travel
  16. Sphere Worlds
  17. Starlifting
  18. Singularity Drive
  19. Time Manipulation Mastery
  20. Universal Deep Code Programming
  21. Universe Creation
  22. Wormhole Mastery

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