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The Ancients Foundation is an Imperial research agency that coordinates and directs study of the more technologically advanced precursor society of the Ancients, of which whom the being known as Yaskoydray was the most eminently well known member.

  • It is a secondary office branch of the Emperor's Concerns.
  • It is tasked with study and consolidations of knowledge of the Ancients.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The foundation is funded by the Third Imperium and is an important part of the Offices of the Emperor, a part of the Imperial Bureaucracy. It is concerned with the Imperial knowledge of the Ancients. Regulates sales and purchase of Ancients artifacts. This office coordinates exoarcheaology of known sites.

Eminent Domain of Artifacts[edit]

No information yet available.

Classes of Artifacts[edit]

Classes of Artifacts
Class TL Remarks
Class A Artifact TL:31-33 Ascendant artifacts are considered to be impossibly advanced omnipotential objects, in the TL:31-33 range. They might not be recognizable as tangible or corporeal objects and are also known as Omni-Tech.
Class B Artifact TL:28-30 Transcendent artifacts are considered to be astrodeific objects, in the TL:28-30 range. They are difficult to conceptualize, let alone recover, and are also known as Dei-Tech.
Class C Artifact TL:19-27 Ultra Period artifacts are considered to be very advanced objects, in the TL:19-27 range. They are not easy to recognize and are also known as Ultra-Tech.
Class D Artifact TL:10-18 Artifacts are generally considered to be high technology objects, generally in the TL:10-18 range or higher. They can be tougher to discern than less technologically advanced objects, yet are strangely familiar, and are also known as Stell-Tech.
Class E Artifact
TL:1-9 Archaeologicals are generally considered to be lower technology objects, generally in the TL:1-9 range. These objects are relatively easily recognized, understood, and are also known as Ur-Tech.
Class X Artifact TL-0 Protosophonts lack the ability to make tools using tools. They may leave behind found tools, biofacts, or ecofacts. They require an astute observer and are also known as Proto-Tech.
Class Y Artifact TL-Neg Sometimes objects appear that don't seem to be manufactured by sophonts or conventional lifeforms.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Even the earliest Emperors knew of the technological miracles of the Ancients as did their predecessors in the Ziru Sirka and Rule of Man. It is not certain exactly when the Ancients Foundation was founded, but every Emperor clearly desired these advanced technologies.

Most historians believe that Artemsus founded the first official Ancients Foundation and brought it out from secrecy into the public eye. Of course, much of the foundation's work is still conducted under conditions of the utmost secrecy, but many parts of it involve public researchers from across Charted Space and that includes massive coordination of interstellar efforts across the major races done by the Educational Institutes.

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