Archon Thesis

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The Archon Thesis is a scientific theory, popular among many Solomani, as to the origins of Humaniti.

  • Many have held the ideas that the Ancients precursor race was actually a human species, thus explaining the preponderance of minor and major human races.
  • A more popular theory holds that the Ancients resembled or degenerated into the Droyne species.
  • Imperial scientific community consensus on the issue still does not exist in 1116.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

During the Second Imperium, the leading scientific theory of the period was the Archon Thesis.

  • That thesis postulates that the Ancients were actually a race of humaniti (the Archons), who developed vast technology on their home world — supposedly Terra, the legendary home of the Solomani—some hundreds of thousands of years ago.
  • The minor human races across known space are believed to be the decendents of the Ancient human survivors of the Final War, who had been blasted back to a pre-technological existence.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

During the early years of the Third Imperium, and following the traditions of the previous Imperiums, there was considerable speculation as to why Humaniti had arisen on so many different worlds within the galaxy.

  • Because of genetic evidence that all these branches of humaniti sprang from common stock, it was generally assumed that the race originated on one world, and was then scattered across the galaxy by some mysterious ancient race.
  • Given the degree of bigotry within the Solomani, it is hardly surprising that the Archon thesis has attracted substantial support, particularly from Solomani nobility and archaeological scientists. Since the thesis postulates that the Archon Ancients evolved on Terra, it lent further force to the Solomani nobility's delusions of grandeur. It led many Solomani to claim, arrogantly, that they were entitled to rule the galaxy, not merely as the former lords of the Ramshackle Empire, but as the descendants of the Ancients themselves.

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