Milieu 0

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Milieu 0
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Milieu 0
Author Lester Smith
Publisher Imperium Games
Version Marc Miller's Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 112
Year Published 1996
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Milieu 0
ISBN 1-57828-336-1 Stock #1400S
Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Antecedents of the Third Imperium 5
The Expansion Process 13
The First Wave 26
Power Structures Circa year 0 42
Refereeing Milieu 0 64
Library Data 75
Core Sector data 92
Rumors 104

Milieu 0 is a Imperium Games product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Earlier versions of Traveller have dealt with the Third Imperium during its maturity and decline, a thousand or more years into its development. Marc Miller's Traveller, however, steps back to the infancy of the Third Imperium, which it consists of merely a handful of member worlds, together emerging from the shadow of the Long Night, jointly believing in their destiny to reestablish civilization throughout known space, to match the legacies of Imperiums past, and to reach far beyond them. It is a time rife with opportunity for the bold and adventurous, when individuals can influence the fate of worlds.

Milieu 0 details the central persons, groups, and events of the opening years of the Third Imperium. Within these pages you will find a wealth of information to bring this backdrop to life in your own campaign. Included herein are details of the history that has led to the formation of the Third Imperium, of its initial steps to re-explore the galaxy, of its economies and strategies for doing so, it politics for administring the fledgling empire, of the Emperor who has brought it all to pass, of his closest allies and worst enemies. Along the way, there are scores of adventure ideas, ranging from straightforward mercenary actions, to political maneuvering both within the heart of the Imperium and on its fringes, to clandestine missions on new worlds, to simple trade opportunities.

Table of Contents[edit]

Milieu 0
Chapter (Section) Page/s
Introduction: 4
Chapter 1: Antecedents of the Third Imperium 5
Chapter 2: The Expansion Process 13
Chapter 3: The First Wave 26
Chapter 4: Power Structures circa Year 0 42
Chapter 5: Refereeing Milieu 0 64
Chapter 6: Library Data 75
Chapter 7: Core Sector data 92
Chapter 8: Rumors 104

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. 125th Deep Recon Squadron
  2. 13th Fleet
  3. 23rd Survey Squadron
  4. 312th Forward Operating Squadron
  5. 4235th Contact Team
  6. AAB
  7. Achenaar Antilles
  8. Air/raft
  9. Aldin Zhunastu
  10. Archon
  11. Archon Thesis
  12. Argu (Vilani fibrous tuber foodstuff)
  13. Arlea Committee
  14. Battleship
  15. BDO
  16. Bureau for Interstellar Affairs (BIA)
  17. Chanestin Kingdom
  18. Civilization
  19. Cleon Zhunastu
  20. Cold Fusion
  21. Copyright
  22. Cordovinian Republic
  23. Core Sector
  24. Corsair Vessel
  25. Courier Vessel
  26. Court
  27. Cruiser
  28. Currency
  29. Deep Recon Team
  30. Delphi Rift Anomaly
  31. Dikarii ("Sponsor")
  32. Drop Capsule
  33. Felix Zhunastu
  34. Final War
  35. First Contact Team
  36. Free Trader
  37. The Fringe
  38. Fusion Plus
  39. G-carrier
  40. Grand Imperium of the Stars
  41. Great Rift
  42. Great Spiral
  43. Gross Planetary Product (GPP)
  44. GSbaG
  45. Gunship
  46. Gurkilli Adaani
  47. Holiday Year
  48. Hot Prospect Team
  49. House Aurion
  50. House Lentuli
  51. House Repzinski
  52. House Zhunustu
  53. House Zuu
  54. Imperial Army
  55. Imperial Courier Service (ICS)
  56. Imperial Currency
  57. Imperial Edict
  58. Imperial Edict 97
  59. Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (IISS)
  60. Imperial Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
  61. Imperial Naval Intelligence (INI)
  62. Imperial Scout Academy
  63. Imperial Travel Requisition (ITR)
  64. Interstellar Confederacy
  65. Jgd-Il-Jagd
  66. Lanthanum
  67. Laser Carbine
  68. Lesser Rift
  69. Long Night
  70. LSP
  71. Megacorp
  72. Meson Bay
  73. Ministry of Colonization
  74. Naval Base
  75. Office of Calendar Compliance
  76. The Outback
  77. Patrol Cruiser
  78. Phol
  79. Picket Boat
  80. Piracy
  81. Planetary Trade Law
  82. Pocket Empire
  83. Psychohistorian
  84. Psychohistory
  85. SAM
  86. Santry-Cordova Cluster
  87. Scout Survey
  88. Scout Vessel
  89. Second Imperium
  90. Silicone Lifeform
  91. Surshi Cloth
  92. Survey Satellite (Sursat)
  93. Sylean Federation Scout Service (SFSS)
  94. Sylean Grand Senate
  95. Sylean Main
  96. Telex
  97. Third Imperium
  98. Trade Depot
  99. Trade War
  100. Traveller's Aid Society (TAS)
  101. Tukera
  102. Vilani
  103. Ve Nu Lant
  104. Warbot
  105. Warrant of Restoration
  106. William Shigaka
  107. Zhunastu Industries
  108. Zhunastu Labs
  109. Zhunastu Merchant Academy
  110. Zhunastu School of Contact
  111. Ziglev Brzeszcze
  112. Zirunkariish
  113. Zuchai Crystal
  114. Zuu Trading Family

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Astrography[edit]


  1. Antares Sector
  2. Core Sector
  3. Dagudashaag Sector
  4. Fornast Sector
  5. Gushemege Sector
  6. Ilelish Sector
  7. Lishun Sector
  8. Massilia Sector
  9. Verge Sector
  10. Vland Sector
  11. Zarushagar Sector


  1. Absalo (world)
  2. Actos (world)
  3. Azimuth (world)
  4. Barnard's Star
  5. Belicose (world)
  6. Eorvin (world)
  7. Heraldia (world)
  8. Kelpo (world)
  9. Keshi (world)
  10. Marsus (world)
  11. Meadowmarsh (world)
  12. Oorpic (world)
  13. Pagazii (world)
  14. Pholishie (world)
  15. Protalus (world)
  16. Safdieshki (world)
  17. Shibasiim (world)
  18. Shudusham (world)
  19. Sketola (world)
  20. Sylea (world)
  21. Velpare (world)
  22. Vland (world)
  23. Voy (world)
  24. Yabean (world)
  25. Ye-Lu (world)
  26. Zillai (world)

Selected Corporations[edit]

  1. InStarSpec
  2. Baldang Arms
  3. Agadugashaam

Selected Polities[edit]

  1. First Imperium
  2. Grand Imperium of the Stars
  3. Ramshackle Empire
  4. Rule of Man
  5. Sylean Federation

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Albemarle class Scout Cruiser
  2. Leonov class Survey Vessel

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Milieu 0 is an important source book for T4.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit (Task) Authors & Contributors (Parties)
Compiling & editing: Lester Smith
Design: Michael Barry, David Burden, Stuart L. Dollar, David Erick, Jo Grant, Andy Lilly & Joseph E. Walsh
Additional Editing & Rumor Control: Tony Lee
Cover Art & Interior Illustration: Chris Foss
Illustrations & Graphic Design: Ashe Marler

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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