Militaries of Charted Space

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Every one of the Major Race Superpowers maintains a powerful military arm able to project force across interstellar distances within Charted Space.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Military is the totality of armed forces that a polity can control and send to war. Most militaries are composed of five primary groupings: armies, navies, special forces, paramilitaries, and intelligence assets. Although all sorts of military compositions and organizations are possible.

Militaries of the Major Races[edit]

All of the major race supra-polities maintain powerful militaries although the more unified and organized polities maintain significant advantages over their disorderly counterparts.

Aslan Militaries[edit]

Droyne Militaries[edit]

Hiver Militaries[edit]

Human: Imperial Military[edit]

Human: Solomani Military[edit]

Human: Vilani Military[edit]

The historical Vilani military was disbanded after it lost the Interstellar Wars. The traditions of the Aasha Ziru Sirka and Gisadia Ziru Sirka have been passed down to some of the private armies of the megacorporations known as Vilani Bureaux. Very few Vilani military traditions passed onto the Rule of Man or later Third Imperium.

Human: Zhodani Military[edit]

K'kree Militaries[edit]

  • Individual Steppelord Militaries
    • K'kree Nomadic Naval Hordes (Mobile)
      • K'kree Colonial Forces
    • K'kree Steppelord Security Hordes (Founded)
      • K'kree Sector Navies
      • K'kree Subsector Armies

Vargr Militaries[edit]

Vargr Forces

Militaries of the Well-known Minor Races[edit]

No information yet available.

Darrian Confederation[edit]

Sword Worlds[edit]

The Sword World Confederate Army, Sword World Confederate Navy (including the Narsil Fleet, the Gram Fleet, the Sacnoth Fleet, and the Joyeuse Fleet), and the Sword Worlds Confederation Patrol help protect this confederation.

Vegan Defense Forces[edit]

The Vegan Navy is a defensive force for the Vegan Autonomous District.

Militaries of the Lesser-known Minor Races[edit]

The Viyard Concourse Corporate Fleet is a small independent force, as are the ships of the Plavian League. The Mercantile Concord Navy, Syzlin Republic Fleet, The First Fleet of Dzo Navy, Ngath Confederate Space Navy, Union (of) Garth Space Navy, Biumvirate Battle Fleet, Protectorate Space Navy, Gniivi Collective Fleet, Khuur League Fleet, Star Legion Navy, Old Worlds Navy, Amil Federation Fleet, Langemarck Royal Navy, Munsonian Royal Navy, Strend Navy, Islaiat Dominate Navy, Ushran Navy, Geonee Self Defense Forces, Zydarian Codominium Star Legion, Alsas Navy, Naval Forces of the Grand Duchy of Marlheim, Katowice Conquest, Union Navy, Stalker xenophobic enforcement vessels and Jarnac Pashalic Navy are other examples.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As technology evolves and advances, the capabilities of belligerents gradually grows. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to measure these growing capabilities is by the number of dimensions, theatres, or environments in which a military can effectively wage war.

1 or 2-Dimensional Combat[edit]

Typically most homeworlds are the domains of walkers and swimmers so war takes place on land or at sea. Native flyers typically frequent only one of these environments in addition to air, although flyers frequenting three environments have been known.


  1. Land
  2. Sea

3-Dimensional Combat[edit]

Most pre-spacefaring industrial era militaries can reliably maintain combat operations in three environments.


  1. Air
  2. Land
  3. Sea

4-Dimensional Combat[edit]

Early stellar societies expand the area of combat to include space. The advent of early spacebourne warships and ortillery greatly changes the face of battle. Satellite intelligence and navigational systems have the potential to revolutionize warfare. The additional vertical engagement of both space and air gives more advantage to high tech professional militaries than their lower technology counterparts. High tech 4D militaries can reliably wage war in four environments.


  1. Air
  2. Land
  3. Sea
  4. Space

5-Dimensional Combat[edit]

More mature stellar societies learn how to wage war not only in space, but throughout both the near stellar system and the far system. System Defense Boats become important assets for such militaries who can reliably wage war in five environments. Deep space combat is a rarity unless there is a significant asset located outside of the near and far stellar systems.


  1. Air
  2. Land
  3. Sea
  4. System
  5. Far System

Beyond 5-Dimensions?[edit]

While interstellar war can be waged across Charted Space, the fact that communications are limited to the speed of transportation limits effective combat theatre coordination. Even Subsector and Sector combat operations are very limited on a tactical level. And strategic operations must be pre-planned far in advance of expected combat. Some Terran observers compare the current state of operations to the Terran First World War. Communication, coordination, and technology limitations have kept interstellar war from effectively growing past five dimensions for the time being.

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