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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Jarnac Pashalic Navy, or JPN is the military branch of the Jarnac Pashalic Armed Forces responsible for interstellar naval fleet operations. The current navy consists of 375 vessels and all the commissioned and enlisted personnel, needed to crew and support those vessels. The traditional ship prefix is JPN.

This Navy is one of the largest navies in the Beyond Sector and one of the best equipped. It is mostly responsible for local operations. Other duties include search and rescue operations as well as astrometric measurements and research.


Internal security, anti-piracy, border security and trade convoy security are all mission concerns for this fleet. This fleet carefully monitors the activities of their neighbors, which include the Zydarian Codominium.

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

This fleet tends to mass, in one large armada when confronted. They like to quickly overwhelm opponents with a single rapid push. Patrol elements are dispatched from the centralized fleet. Once enemy formations are detected by these scout elements the bulk of the fleet jumps in to pound any resistance with overwhelming force. Exarch Class System Defense Boats are left behind to safeguard isolated worlds.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The current ship designs are intended to stand together, to compliment each other, as an integrated strike package. The designs are an attempt for the strengths of one vessel to overshadow the weaknesses of the other ships.

TO&E (Organization)[edit]

The Jarnac Pashalic fleet consists of several classes of native built warships. These include:

(19) 900,000 ton Jarnac Class Dreadnoughts

(18) 80,000 ton Trend Class Support Cruisers

(15) 28,000 ton Nibar Class Strike Cruisers

(87) 2,800 ton Hostel Class Destroyers

(65) 200 ton Cozzi Class Corvettes

(171) 300 ton Exarch Class System Defense Boats, which are organized into 19 squadrons of nine each and are carried by the Dreadnoughts

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This military is primarily located in the following areas: The capital is Jarnac (Vanguard Reaches 3233 A637888-D), in the Jarnac Subsector P of the Vanguard Reaches and this polity includes worlds in the adjacent Spinward Drift Subsector M of The Beyond Sector.

World Listing: 1116[edit]

Trend (The Beyond 0236 B562489-9)

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