Striker II

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Striker II
Striker2 250px.png
Miniatures Warfare in the Far Future
Author Frank Chadwick
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Traveller The New Era
Edition 1st
Format Game (Softback)
Language English
Pages 160
Year Published 1994
Canonical Yes
Available from RPGNow
Also See War in Charted Space
ISBN 1-55878-173-0 Product no. 313
Table of Contents
Basic rules 4
Advanced rules 28
Campaign rules 52
Scenario rules 60
Appendices 91

Striker II is a Game Designers Workshop product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Striker II is the miniatures combat rules of 58th century warfare, for use with Traveller: The New Era. Now the epic planetary engagements of the New Era, the Final War, or the Frontier Wars are under your control, allowing you to command battalions of lift infantry, drop troops, and grav armor. These rules are fully compatible with Traveller, and so also allow miniatures resolution of roleplaying adventures.

Combat in the 58th century is fast-moving, and so is Striker II. Based on the award-winning Command Decision miniatures rules, Striker II allows rapid play which replicates the rapid tempo and quick reactions of advanced technology warfare. These straight-forward rules allow players to concentrate on the mental dilemmas of tactics and command, not the interpretation of complicated rules mechanics.

Striker II is more than just rules, it is also an extensive resource of military hardware and organizations - from the jeeps and tracked vehicles of the Wilds units to the speeders and grav tanks of a Reformation Coalition Marine Brigade. Striker II also includes tables of organization and equipment listings for some of the most important military units from Traveller's long history: Zhodani Lift Infantry Battalions and Commando Groupments, Imperial Marine Task Forces, Imperial Guard Regiments, and the legendary 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment - "The Duke of Regina's Own Huscarles".

Table of Contents[edit]

TNE Striker II (Book)
Section Page/s
Basic Rules 4
Advanced Rules 28
Campaign Rules 52
Scenarios 60
Appendices 91
Quick Reference Chart 156

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Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Striker II is a miniatures game set in the Traveller The New Era universe.

  • Striker II provides the full science fiction combat experience with rules on orbital bombardment, drop troops, antimissile fire control, planetary environment, and orbital superiority.
  • Campaign rules allow a sophisticated strategic gaming experience by adding the effects of combat engineers, maintenance, and quality of food and medical care.

Striker Game & Book Series[edit]

There have been three editions to date:

  1. Striker or Striker I (published)
  2. Striker II (published)
  3. Striker III (unpublished)

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Frank Chadwick
Additonal Design Dave Nilsen
Art Diection Bradley K. McDevitt
Cover and Interior photography Greg Novak

External Link/s[edit]

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