Frontier Wars

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(589 to 1109): Frontier Wars

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The most recent, the Fifth Frontier War (1107-1110), brought elements of the Vargr and the Sword Worlds in an allegiance with the Zhodani to form the Outworld Coalition.

  • The armistice resulted in no loss of worlds to the hostiles and a return to the status quo.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The known Frontier Wars include:

  • The First Frontier War (589 to 604) was the initial clash between the Imperials and the Zhodani and expelled Imperial settlers from regions spinward of the Spinward Marches. The first of the border clashes between the Imperium and the Zhodani, which sparked the beginning of a continuing antipathy between the two major lines of Humaniti. The armistice in 604 gave the Imperium much of Vilis and Querion subsectors while the Zhodani receive Chronor subsector, formerly Imperial territory.
With the conclusion of the war, Olav hault-Plankwell returned to the Imperial core with his war fleet and took the reins of government, dispatching Empress Jaqueline and thus starting the Civil War and the reign of the Barracks Emperors.
  • The Second Frontier War (615 to 620) resulted when the Zhodani saw the Imperium paralyzed by its Civil War; and seized the opportunity to profit by its diversion.
Fought between the Outworld Coalition and the Imperium during the period of the Barracks Emperors. Arbellatra (b. 587, d. 666) was named Grand-Admiral of the Marches and led the combined local and Imperial forces to defeat the Coalition, and then proceeded to reestablish the central Imperial authority. She was named Regent in 622 as a result, and Empress in 629.
The Imperium fought holding actions until local shipyards could complete a battle fleet, which then forced an armistice, but only by ceding more Imperial territory to the Zhodani.
  • The Third Frontier War (979 to 986) saw surprise Zhodani attacks followed by years of deep penetration attacks against high population worlds, and commerce raiding by both sides.
The long period of uneasy peace between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate erupted into war in 979 with simultaneous blows by the Zhodani in the Querion and Jewell subsectors. Imperial reaction was deficient, and the hostilities continued for nearly six years with little to show for it. The armistice finally signed in 986 gave each side little, and it brought about the abdication of Emperor Styryx in 989.
It resulted in the creation of a demilitarized zone between the two sides, and the loss of several more Imperial worlds to the Zhodani.
  • The Fourth Frontier War (1082 to 1084) has been called the False War because of its brevity and lack of conclusion. Apparently started by accident (in a meeting between Imperial and Zhodani fleet elements) its conclusion saw the exchange of several worlds and little else.
Short inconclusive war fought primarily in the Jewell Subsector (Spinward Marches sector) between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The war began with initial assaults by the Zhodani against Jewell and Regina subsectors stalled at the borders. Its final battle the Battle of Two Suns, 1084, was waged in the vicinity of Yres and Menorb and resulted in Imperial victory. The armistice was signed before instructions for the conduct of the war were received from Capital.
In the years after the Fourth Frontier War, and the problems it presented from lags in communication, Emperor Strephon felt that a strengthened archduke position could enable the Imperium to more quickly respond in the defense of the realm. Against the protests and opposition of prominent members of the Moot, Strephon has reinstituted a number of powers to the domains, most notably the right to collect taxes.
  • The Fifth Frontier War (1107 to 1109) began with widespread Zhodani attacks along the Imperial border and a siege of Efate in the Regina subsector.
Latest in the series of continuing war between the Zhodani and the Imperium. Following several years of unrest and provocation, Zhodani forces attacked across the Imperial borders while previously placed guerrillas on selected Imperial worlds began uprisings. Vargr and Sword World forces allied with the Zhodani also participated in the attacks.
The armistice, signed in 1110, resulted in the loss of no worlds to the hostiles and returned to the status quo.

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