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Date: 629 Imperial
Solomani: 5,150 A.D.
Vilani: 3,563 VI
Zhodani: 3,254.2
Aslan: 6,024
K'kree: 7,312
Hiver: 438
Previous and Following Years
500s 620s
619 620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628
630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638 639
630s 600s
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  • The search for suitable heirs exhausted, Arbellatra Alkhalikoi is proclaimed Empress by the Moot, founding the Alkhalikoi Dynasty; end of period of the Emperors of the Flag.
  • Empress Arbellatra removes 17 Imperial Marine regiments from the rolls due to criminal acts during the Civil War.
  • Empress Arbellatra declares that "all Marines are riflemen", eliminating branch colors on Marine uniforms.
  • Empress Arbellatra orders the construction of the Grand Palace on Capital (Core 2118) as a sign of the beginning of a new era of power and progress.
  • Solomani Movement dominates the inner circles of Empress Arbellatra's court advisers.
  • Marquis Caranda of Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) receives patent as Grand and Noble Duke of the Imperium from Empress Arbellatra personally.
  • Sword Worlds Commodore Jarlsson attempts to stand against an Imperial fleet within a swarm of asteroids in the Bowman system.