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Imperial Navy Ranks
T5-Imperial-Navy-detail-FFE 03-June-2019a.png
Commissioned Officers
O10 » Grand Admiral
O9 » Sector Admiral
O8c » Fleet Admiral (Admiral)
O8b » Fleet Admiral (Vice Admiral)
O8a » Fleet Admiral (Rear Admiral)
O7 » Commodore
O6 » Captain
O5 » Commander
O4 » Lieutenant Commander
O3 » Lieutenant
O2 » Sub-Lieutenant
O1 » Ensign
O0 » Cadet / Midshipman
E9 » Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
E8 » Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
E7 » Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
E6 » Petty Officer First Class (PO1)
E5 » Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)
E4 » Petty Officer Third Class (PO3)
E3 » Able Spacehand (ASH)
E2 » Spacehand (SH)
E1 » Spacehand Apprentice (A)
E0 » Spacehand Recruit (R)

The Imperial Navy is the premier space navy of the Third Imperium.

  • It is the "Regular Navy" of the Third Imperium.
  • It is supplemented by the Colonial Navy, or more accurately many colonial navies, which is comprised of the many starbourne fighting forces of the many smaller states that owe fealty to the Emperor.
  • Naval personnel are colloquially known as "spacers".

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Third Imperium shall support Free Trade among its members. No member shall engage in piracy or smuggling, nor allow its territory to be used for piracy or smuggling, nor shall it issue letters of marque or reprisal or other permission for ships operating within its territory to engage in piracy or smuggling.

The Third Imperium shall defend its territory forcefully enforcing Imperial Rule within the borders of Imperial Space. It expresses the will of the Emperor.

These are the mandates of the Imperial Navy.

Image Repository[edit]

Combatant Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

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Non-combatant & Paramilitary Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

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Combatant & Noncombatant Smallcraft[edit]

  1. TBD

Goals (Mission)[edit]

"An interstellar community operates under many unique restrictions, most notably the fact that it consist of many island-planets set in an ocean of vacuum. Such a society must take control of that ocean. Its instrument is the Navy.

The Imperium is a remote, centralized government possessed of great industrial and technological might; but due to the sheer distances and travel times involved within its star-spanning realm, the Imperium is unable to be everywhere at once. As a result, the Imperium allows a large degree of autonomy to its subject worlds, calling only for some respect for its overall policies, and for a united front against outside pressures.

To monitor the space lanes, the Imperium maintains a Navy. Because these forces can never be everywhere at once, local provinces (subsectors) also maintain navies, as do individual worlds. This three tiered structure of Imperial, subsector, and planetary navies produces a flexible system for patrolling space, while putting the limited resources of the Imperium to best use."

- Grand Admiral Marc William Miller from the Master Naval Manual, in the introduction to Book 5 High Guard (pg. 1), written in 1110 (paraphrased).

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

New Strategy: Once again the Imperial Navy was at peace, with little more to occupy it other than anti-piracy patrols. Until, in 1082, the Zhodani invaded the Jewell Subsector, kicking off the Fourth Frontier War. This was brought to a close by the Battle of Two Suns in 1084.

Following what is often called the False War, the Admiralty began a fundamental reexamination of their strategy. Prior to that, naval policy had favored a "crust" strategy, with major fleet elements well forward in potential trouble spots such as the Spinward Marches. For decades this strategy had been effective due to the tremendous technological and material lead enjoyed by the Imperium over its neighbors. The Fourth Frontier War demonstrated, however, that the Imperium's lead had narrowed to the point that a clear superiority could no longer be achieved at all points along the frontier.

The new strategy came to be known as the "elastic defense" posture. Priority in the new strategy has been placed on a minimum of fleet assets initially in the actual border areas, but with much larger reserves available for commitment to any one region in the event of war. Within the frontier itself, colonial forces have been strengthened and centered around selected "islands of resistance," high population, high technology worlds capable of withstanding protracted sieges. These forward elements are intended to delay any hostile advances and disrupt sieges of key worlds, until major reserves can intervene and reestablish the status quo.

This new strategy proved effective when the Zhodani Consulate and Outworld Coalition forces started the Fifth Frontier War in 1107. The Metal Worlds in the Sword Worlds Subsector were captured and an armistice was signed, ending the war in 1110.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Imperial Navy began its life as the Sylean Federation Naval Service during the expansion of the federation, and in its life as the SFNS fought many wars and battles against other empires around and within the final borders of the Sylean Federation. Theirs was not a peaceful life in the later years of the Federation, but the experience and loyalty engendered in the service was to stand it in good stead in the future.

Historical Overview[edit]

Please see the following article for more information:

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

The Grand Strategic direction of the Navy is undertaken by the Emperor and administered by the Admiralty Board.

Fleets are the highest operational level of naval organization and are composed of naval squadrons. Particularly large fleets are often called Grand Fleets.

Please see the following article for more information:

Representative Equipment & Classes[edit]

The following sub-units and types form this fleet:

Selected Ship Classes & Types[edit]

Some ship types and classes that are widely used within Imperial Space include:

  1. Adlerstein class Fleet Courier
  2. Antiama class Fleet Carrier
  3. Arakoine class Strike Cruiser
  4. Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser
  5. Azhanti High Lightning class Frontier Cruiser AKA Lightning class Frontier Cruiser
  6. Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser
  7. Brown class Jump Ship
  8. Chrysanthemum class Destroyer Escort
  9. Donosev class Survey Scout
  10. Empress Troyhune class Planetoid Monitor
  11. Fer-de-lance class Destroyer Escort
  12. Fiery class Close Escort
  13. Flash class System Defense Boat
  14. Gazelle class Close Escort
  15. Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser
  16. Gionetti class Light Cruiser
  17. Hadrian class Battle Rider
  18. Kinunir class Battle Cruiser
  19. Kokirrak class Dreadnought
  20. Lylvir class Light Assault Troop Carrier
  21. Midu Agashaam class Destroyer
  22. Penaru-8 class Light Cruiser
  23. P. F. Sloan class Fleet Escort
  24. Plankwell class Dreadnought
  25. Skirmish class Light Carrier
  26. Sulieman class Scout/Courier
  27. Tigress class Dreadnought
  28. Wind class Strike Carrier
  29. Xavier class Express Boat

Selected Smallcraft[edit]

Some smallcraft types and classes that are widely used within Imperial Space include:

  1. Assault Lander class Marine Gig
  2. Automated Attack Craft
  3. Bombardier class Ground attack Fighter
  4. Bubble class Fuel Cutter
  5. Carrier Support Fighter
  6. Constable class System Defence Fighter
  7. Damgarrii class Passenger Launch
  8. Darlene class Gig
  9. Dryad class Fighter
  10. Gillow class Launch
  11. Gnat class Light Fighter
  12. Grigrot class Strike Fighter
  13. Grizzly class Heavy Fighter
  14. Gyro class Turret Wing Fighter
  15. Iramda class Fighter
  16. Kestrel class Fighter
  17. Khuilrakh class Light Fighter
  18. Likuurka class Bomber
  19. Magnum class Heavy Fighter
  20. Manta class Escort Fighter
  21. Model 292 class Life Boat
  22. Nolrrgarrai class Strike Fighter
  23. Paulos class Troop Transport
  24. Rampart class Fighter
  25. SK-3 class Lifeboat
  26. Stardart class Fighter
  27. Sylea class Heavy Fighter
  28. Sylean class Heavy Fighter
  29. Type F class Fighter
  30. Type FH class Heavy Fighter
  31. Type FL class Light Fighter
  32. Type FM class Medium Fighter
  33. Wildbat class Fighter
  34. Wildcat class Fighter

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This military is primarily located in the following areas:

Military Facilites: Depots[edit]

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World Listing: 1105[edit]

This military is known to regularly operate on the following systems and worlds:

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