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Aslan timekeeping is based upon the rotational period of their homeworld, Kuzu (Dark Nebula 1226) around Tyeyo, its star..

The Aslan calendar takes as its starting point the first selection of the Tlaukhu as supreme council of Kusyu about 3,200 years ago (-2083 Imperial). The current Aslan date of 3653, corresponds to the Imperial date of 1120

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Basic Units[edit]

The Aslan ftahea (year ) is 212.2 eakhau (days) long. This corresponds to 320 Imperial days. Every fifth ftahea has an extra eakhau added to keep the calendar in sync with the rotation about the system primary.

Each eakhau is divided into 16 tekhaao (hours), each just over two standard hours, with an eakhau being 36 standard hours. Each eakhau has a unique name, for convenience they are numbered from 1 to 212, with a 213th every fifth ftahea.

Each tekhaao is further divided into 8 khtauaao (periods), each about 17 standard minutes long.

The khtauaao is divided into 64 areiaao (sprint), each about 16 standard seconds long.

The areiaao are divided into 8 uealaao (second), the smallest unit of time in general use by Aslan. Each uealaao is about 2 standard seconds long.


The planet Kuzu has minimal axial tilt and orbital eccentricity, so there is little astronomical cause for seasons. There are no formal divisions corresponding to months in the Aslan calendar. However, they do divide each ftahea into three raohfokh (seasons): Aihros, Tralrea, and Ktaho.

Aihros (Beginnings) is the equivalent of spring: the mating season for many animals and the time when annual plant life grows from seed.

Tralrea (Growth) is the long season of mild weather on Kuzu. It lasts 100 eakhau. the growth refers to that of herd animals.

Ktaho (Harvest) is the hunting season; it is short, lasting 30 eakhau, and is the traditional time for hunting.

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