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The K'kree Calendar is derived from the period of Kirur around its star; about 440 standard days. The same calendar is used throughout K'kree space.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]


  • Each Pim!bigr (or year) is divided into 10 K'kaatu (tenths), each 37 kritur (days) long, except the fourth K'kaatu is only 35 kritur long to evenly divide into the 368 day year. K'kree dates are generally given by the number of the K'kaatu followed by the number of the day (1 to 35 or 37)
  • Each Kritur is divied into four Krix'leeka, generally translated as watch. This period is just over 7 standard hours, with each day being 28.6 standard hours. In general the smallest time period most K'kree deal with is the Krix'leeka, but additional subdivisions were added to aid in scientific applications.
  • Each krix'leeka is divided into 10 R'keer (tenth watch), which is then divided into 10 Nixir (hundreth watch). Each nixir is divided into 10 Trakeek (minute) about 25.8 standard seconds. The Trakeek is divided into 10 Hkur'ghe (second), each about 2.6 standard seconds.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

K'kree society is extremely stable, and their calendar goes back a very long time. The calendar originated with the founding of Rak'keer! as the capital city of Kirur about -8175.

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