Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi

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Emperor: Strephon Aella
Emperor of Imperium
Born 1049
Ascended 1071
Died alive (1115)
Preceeded by Paulo III
Succeeded by None

Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi holds the ultimate title, the highest office of the land; he is the Emperor of the Third Imperium.

Description (Character)[edit]

Oldest surviving issue of Paulo III. Born on 202-1049, proclaimed Emperor by the Moot in 1071.

Married Iolanthe Guuilbataashullibaa in 1079.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

In the early 1100s, Strephon launched a series of reforms, giving Archdukes additional governing powers and taxation authority. The restoration of governing and taxation powers were designed to reconnect the Iridium Throne to the lives of Imperial citizens, shifting from its then-current position as a distant and abstract authority.

The Strephonian Reforms (begun in 1113) were also meant to shake the government from the grip of complacency and stagnation. To lead the reforms, he appointed Dulinor Archduke of the Domain of Ilelish. Both the reforms and the selection of Dulinor Astrin Ilethian were accomplished over significant opposition within the Moot.

During Strephon's reign, the Fourth Frontier War (1082 to 1084) erupted; although it was concluded with little actual input from Capital, Strephon was nevertheless credited with the speedy end to the conflict.

There are rumors that Strephon is contemplating activating the Domain of Deneb and elevating Duke Norris of Regina to Archduke of Deneb in recognition of the signal services he did the Imperium during the Fifth Frontier War.

Rebellion Period[edit]

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Strephon's double was assassinated on 132-1116 by Archduke Dulinor, who then claimed the throne by the old, forgotten custom of Right of Assassination. Dulinor eventually fled to his stronghold in Ilelish, to prepare for war. Strephon himself was on a science mission to supervise progress of project Longbow scanning the Empress Wave. When Strephon was informed of Dulinor's treason - and the death of his wife Iolanthe and his daughter and heir Grand Princess Ciencia - he choose to retreat to Usdiki, instead of moving to challenge Lucan's ascension to the Iridium Throne on Capital.

He publicly declared himself as the authentic Emperor in 1117, but only subsectors close to Usdiki rallied around him: other factions ignored his call or disputed his credentials. Many claimed that he was in fact a pseudo-biological robot.

See Successors to Strephon and the Real Strephon.

New Era Period[edit]

The New Era - (Click Show to reveal)
In 1114, Strephon had, indeed, decided to elevate Norris to Archduke of Deneb. Although he died before any public announcement was made, the patent was already en route to Norris, who received it in time to assume control of what would later become the Regency.

Emperors of the Third Imperium[edit]

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