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The Wave is a psionic effect that started coreward of the Zhodani Consulate several centuries before the end of the Third Imperium and is currently expanding rimward.

  • Calculations show the wavefront is moving at slightly less than 1 parsec per year or 23.5 au per hour.
    • Earliest Imperial observations suggested this was travelling at the speed of light[1][2]
  • Some have called it The Wave of Madness.
  • This is one of the disasters that rocked the Third Imperium: The Break, Virus, and The Wave.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The psionic effect of The Wave causes a number of undesirable effects in psions, which may include madness, sociopathic violence and suicide. The effect itself is said to contain intense emotional effects, which are difficult to understand or control for most psions. Existing psionic suppressive devices and shields of sufficiently high capacity can block or diffuse the effect.

  • Some theorists believe that The Wave carries a coded psionic message of sorts, but this theory is largely unconfirmed by known sources.
  • First rumors of The Wave reached the Imperium during the Fourth Frontier War pointing to severe problems in the coreward sectors of the Zhodani Consulate. The problems were confirmed by Project Longbow, but not the cause[3].

Wave Study Projects[edit]

The effect of Wave was further researched by project Longbow by Strephon's CSB of the scout service.

Several projects been launched, when Strephon realized the devastating effect of The Wave.

  • The goal of the Avery Project was to genetically engineer a human with high psionic powers to research The Wave.
  • The goal of the CABAl project was to use SuSAGs Better than Life technology to control a human crew during transits within The Wave.
  • The distribution of JumpStart caches started for the case, that new knowledge gained by Avery could not solve The Wave problem.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Very little is conclusively known about The Wave.

  • Several sophont scientists on the scientific community's fringe have been studying it.
  • The news certainly hasn't yet reached the greater public through the News Services of Charted Space.

Wave Advancement Table[edit]

Y -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1043 -5 Stinj Tianz Bliardlie Zhiensh Savria Datsatl Gakghang Thaku Fung Rzakki Listanaya Veg Fergakh Dfotseth Irugangog
1083 -4 Viajlefliez Bleblqansh Driasera Dalchie Jdatl Chit Botshti Ghoekhnael Ksinanirz Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh Knaeleng Kharrthon Oeghz Vaerrghr Kfazz Ghik Angfutsag
1123 -3 Brieplanz Sidiadl Zdiedeiant Stiatlchepr Itvikiastaf Knoellighz Dhuerorrg Ngathksirz Fa Dzaets Gzaekfueg Gashikan Trenchans Ktiin'gzat Mugheen't Grikr!ng Ukaarriit!!b Kring Noor Mbil!!gh
1163 -2 Pliabriebl Eiaplial Zhodane Tienspevnekr Ziafrplians Gvurrdon Tuglikki Provence Windhorn Meshan Mendan Amdukan Ingukrax Gn'hk'r Gur Un'k!!k'ng Xaagr Eekrookrigz
1203 -1 Tsadra Davr Tsadra Yiklerzdanzh Far Frontiers Foreven Spinward Marches Deneb Corridor Vland Lishun Antares Empty Quarter Star's End Gh!hken Ruupiin Raakaan Uuk Gnaa Iimb'kr
1243 0 Chiep Zhez Astron Fulani Vanguard Reaches The Beyond Trojan Reach Reft Gushemege Dagudashaag Core Fornast Ley Gateway Luretiir!girr X'kug Kilong Bar'kakr Mighabohk
1283 1 Theta Borealis Theron Iphigenaia Touchstone Riftspan Reaches Verge Ilelish Zarushagar Massilia Delphi Glimmerdrift Reaches Crucis Margin Kaa G!'kul Gzirr!k'l K'trekreer Nuughe N!!krumbiix
1323 2 Khaeaw Faoheiroi'iyhao Ftaoiyekyu Afawahisa Hlakhoi Ealiyasiyw Reaver's Deep Daibei Diaspora Old Expanses Hinterworlds Leonidae Extolian Ricenden Blaskon Nooq Gzektixk
1363 3 Hkakhaeaw Esai'yo Waroatahe Karleaya Staihaia'yo Iwahfuah Dark Nebula Magyar Solomani Rim Alpha Crucis Spica Phlask Centrax Wrenton Folgore Avereguar
1403 4 Yahehwe Kefiykhta Heakhafaw Etakhasoa Aktifao Uistilrao Ustral Quadrant Canopus Aldebaran Neworld Langere Drakken Lorspane Porlock Kidunal Treece
1443 5 Ohieraoi Fahreahluis Hfiywitir Irlaftalea Teahloarifu Ahkiweahi' Banners Hanstone Malorn Hadji Storr Mikhail Darret Ataurre Katoonah Uytal
1483 6 Rim Reach Phlange Tracerie

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