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Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian was born in 1066 on the world of Dlan (Ilelish 1021). He rose to the highest levels of the nobility in the Domain of Ilelish with the approval and support of the Emperor. Dulinor was elevated to the position of Archduke by Emperor Strephon in 1104, an action opposed by many of the nobility.

As Archduke, he built a strong reputation for himself in the sectors of Ilelish and Zarushagar. He was a champion of Ilelishi rights and culture under the Strephonian Reforms and was widely admired by the peoples of Ilelish.

Following Dlani tradition, Archduke Dulinor wore his hair short and always wore black clothing to show his membership in the Military caste. His hairstyle symbolically represents his acceptance of a life that could be cut short and the clothing is the color of Dlani funeral garb, meaning he willingly accepts death. To indicate his warrior status, he often wore a prop handgun with his formal attire and court dress.

Era: Rebellion (Click Show to reveal)

Archduke Dulinor assassinated Emperor Strephon on 132-1116 at the Imperial Palace, along with several others, and claimed the Iridium Throne by Right of Assassination. This act starts the Rebellion.

It was claimed later by Strephon the Pretender that Dulinor had actually killed his double, used on special occasions where he had to be in two places at once. The Archduke refused to believe this, feeling the "real" Strephon was the fake (either a clone, a robot of some sort, or a surgically altered double).
Era: Milieu 1120 (Click Show to reveal)

Archduke Dulinor was killed on 132-1116 when the gig in which he was a passenger exploded mysteriously while taking him to Capital for an audience with Emperor Strephon. It is , of course, unusual and alarming when one of the Imperium's ranking nobles dies in a "mysterious explosion," especially before an Imperial audience. In the absence of any concrete evidence about the tragedy, there are three possibilities:

  • The explosion was an accident.
  • The explosion was intentional, and Dulinor was the target.
  • The explosion was intentional, and some other passenger was the target.

Of these, the second is the most widely held. A number of conspiracy theories have sprouted over who would want Dulinor dead and why, and a small library could be filled with books about the incident. The final report of the Imperial Navy's investigation into the explosion was issued on 004-1117, and reported that there was insufficient evidence for any firm conclusion.

It may safely be concluded that there is more to Dulinor's death than the Navy will ever admit, perhaps more than it will ever learn.

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