Isis Arepo Ilethian

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Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian is the daughter of Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian of Ilelish and the niece of Sector Admiral Hutara Astrin Ilethian.

As a child, she was a playmate of Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia Alkhalikoi, Emperor Stephron's heir.

Milieu 1120[edit]

After her father's death on 131/1116, Isis was appointed Archduchess on 001/1117 in a ceremony personally carried out by Strephon himself, she was made Archduchess of Ilelish and Duke Norris was made Archduke of Deneb.

She is a close friend and favorite of the Crown Princess and is a voice for reform in the Moot.

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