Strephonian Reforms

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The Strephonian Reforms were efforts by Emperor Strephon to combat what he saw as negative trends that could destabilize the empire if left unchecked.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperium was drifting apart through apathy and neglect.

  • Recent border skirmishes and full-scale wars revealed that the Imperium was incapable of quickly and decisively dealing with military threats. Its forces were tied down defending its holdings from outsiders and attacking member planets who refused to toe the line.

Imperial Reforms[edit]

The largest reform was Strephon's drive to decentralize Imperial power. He believed in placing it in the hands of Domain and Sector nobles who were competent and loyal administrators capable of independent action, rather than trying to directly control the Imperium through bureaucratic place-holders or corrupt toadies.

  • Budget reform allowed the privatization of formerly imperial functions to private-sector organizations with imperial charters. Local planetary governments could hire them rather than pay for equivalent native forces and it wouldn't scatter and tie down expensive Imperial assets.
  • Cultural reforms supported non-Vilani (and non-Humani) cultures. Strephon believed that the multitude of cultures he ruled would feel more part of the Imperium if they were better represented and integrated into it.
  • Reforms of Psionic laws or a proposed lifting of the ban on Psionics Institutes were met with heavy opposition, leading Strephon to table them for the time being.
  • Strephon also supported scientific research, technological development, educational curriculum review, regular exploration and surveying of Imperial holdings by the Scout Service, and other knowledge-based reforms to keep the Imperium from regressing.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Dulinor: One of Strephon's most vocal and loyal supporters of the Reforms was Dulinor, a young Ilelishi noble with a following in the Moot. Strephon rewarded his loyalty by seeing to it that he got promoted, first to Duke of Dlan and Sector Duke of Ilelish, and then to Archduke of Ilelish.

  • Dubbed Strephon's Eminence Noir, Dulinor became Strephon's confidante and councilor, helping to drive through Strephon's reforms through his political connections. In 1116, the two had a falling out when Strephon refused Dulinor's desire to accelerate the pace of the Reforms, using direct Imperial power if necessary.

Era: Rebellion[edit]

It is believed by Dulinor's supporters that he assassinated Strephon because he felt that Strephon was too conservative to enact the changes needed to preserve the Imperium.

Era: Milieu 1120[edit]

Dulinor died in 1116 when his ship accidentally crashed before an audience with Strephon on Capital.

Reformers in the Moot have noticed that Strephon has slowed the pace of many of his initiatives.

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