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A Psionics Institute is any organization dedicated to research and training in the psionic sciences.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Psionics Institute is a generic name; each such institution was independently organized and maintained.

  • Institutes were generally supported by that portion of the population which had psionic talents.
  • Since that portion was small, they were viable only on high population worlds (...approximately one billion or more).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Organizations of this nature have existed since before the advent of space travel, but attained prominence only during the Long Night, when reproducible scientific discoveries made psionics a teachable, learnable science.

  • In the Imperial Antebellum period, psionics institutes were rare, being formed only on a few scattered worlds which, for one reason or another, had an unusually high rate of psionic talents appearing, or which encouraged Psionics for social, political, or commercial reasons.
  • In the years after the Civil War, institutes were organized on most high population worlds within the Imperium.
  • During the Psionics Suppressions, the institutes' charters were revoked, and talented individuals were persecuted.
  • In some cases, the individuals fled to assume new identities on other worlds; in others, whole families emigrated to the Zhodani Consulate or to other places beyond the frontiers of the Imperium.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Following the Psionics Suppressions, there were theoretically no psionics institutes remaining in the Third Imperium.

  • In practice, underground institutes remained on many worlds.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

These facilities are believed to have once been located in the following systems and worlds:

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Answerin  •  Aramis (SM 3110)  •  Caladbolg  •  Capital  •  Drellesarr  •  Enlas-du  •  Iile  •  Imau  •  Junidy  •  Kemnagii  •  Kikuyu  •  Lebeau  •  Marlakasi  •  Morninglori  •  Murchison  •  Rapp's World  •  Regina  •  Rorre  •  Saarinen  •  Sacnoth  •  Shiirand  •  Shtiem  •  Springarn  •  Terra (SR 1827)  •  Thengin  •  Toraago  •  Ursimga  •  Vanejen  •  Wypoc  •  Zhdant  •  
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