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Psychotronics are an advanced form of electronics that take advantage of psionic technology.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Psychotronics makes use of psychoactive materials and psionic principles that allow higher performance characteristics than conventional electronics limited by physical principle and electromagnetic boundaries.

Selected Pychotronic Devices & Technologies[edit]

  1. Metempsychosis
  2. Mind Control Technology
  3. Neural Activity Sensor
  4. Psi-drug
  5. Psionic Shield Helmet
  6. Psi-Staff
  7. Psion Emitter
  8. Psionic Shield
  9. Psionic Shield Helmet
  10. Psionic Switch
  11. Psionicist Detector
  12. Star Map Projector

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Zhodani used early forms of psychotronics as early as their TL:10-12 epoch and the Droyne have also used such technology far ahead of their time. Many Ancients artifacts seem to use psychoelectronic technology, which is not well understood by Imperial science.

Psionic Suppressions & Stigmas[edit]

No information yet available.

  • Imperial stigmas and taboos...

Technological Overview of Electronics[edit]

Electronics Generations:

  1. Analogue Electronics (TL:4-6)
  2. Macroelectronics (TL:4-6) (Conventional Electronics or Digital Electronics)
  3. Microelectronics (TL:7-9)
  4. Optoelectronics (TL:10-12)
  5. Myelotronics (TL:13-15)
  6. Claytronics (TL:16-18)
  7. Nanotronics (TL:19-21)
  8. Fuzzy Electronics (TL:19-21)
  9. Atomtronics (TL:22-24)
  10. Psychotronics (TL:25-27)

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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