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Every individual has a measure of personal psionic strength. Age lessens psionic potential unless training is undertaken.

Psionic Strength Indicator[edit]

The personal psionic strength indicator may range from zero to 11. Ratings of 12 or more cannot be attained naturally once a character has passed beyond age 18; they may be achieved temporarily through the use of psi-drugs. The maximum possible rating is 15.

Psionic strength indicators show two things:

  1. the maximum level of activity which may be performed, and
  2. the number of strength points at the character’s command for the performance of specific tasks.

Available Strength Points[edit]

Each type of activity requires the expenditure of psionic strength for the activity and for the range at which the activity is performed. An individual psionic strength indicator is an index of the points which he or she may expend.

Expended points are regenerated over time through rest and recuperation. Psi-drugs may help to increase the number of points which are available to the character.

Aglng and Deterioration[edit]

An untrained person is subject to a gradual relentless deterioration of his psionic strength indicator. If the person has been taking anagathics, use the apparent age rather than the actual age to determine the reduction in rating for that person.

A trained individual is not subject to reductions through normal aging, but permanent injury may reduce the strength.

Psi-drug abuse can also reduce psionic strength.

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