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Type Computer
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr10
Size 0.01 liters
Weight 10 g

The Wafer is a specialized Data Crystal used for storage and use of Personalities and Skillsets as Wafer Technology. These data storage devices hold an edited personality and computer setup to execute and run this within the waferjack.

There are three types of personality wafers. Entertainment wafers contain an edited version of a span of time, or collections of the same. These usually cost between Cr100 and Cr1000 each depending on the nature of the entertainment.

Skillset wafers contain an experiential databases, and memory experiences which allow a user to simulate skill in a field or improve their existing skill level. These usually cost Cr200,000.

Emergency overlay personality wafers contain a complete personality, with skills and experiences intact. These usually cost on the order of a million credits, depending on the nature of the personality in the wafer. Some are considered priceless and unique treasures.

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