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An Institution, in the most formal sense, is an organization of lasting value that has recognition of the significant value it contributes to the greater culture of its society.

  • In practical terms, this invariably means that the organization receives both governmental and public sanction (popular support) in the form of financial support, or funding, as well as other types of support.
  • Sometimes this means that a particular Imperial Institution is recognized by the Emperor and receives Imperial Sanction.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Several kinds of Institutes have received Imperial Sanction over the years and these include:

Cultural Institutes[edit]

A Culture Institute is a pretty vague thing with little to no set definition. And yet one is needed before an Imperial Cultural Region can be established. The Darmine, for instance, have a massive Cultural Institute System established across Darmine Space. It consists of numerous campuses, interplanetary exchanges, and other practices that help the Darmine to preserve a common culture in the face of the destabilizing forces of interstellar commerce and governance.

Economic Institutes[edit]

While various types of economic institutes have been experimented with over the years, no particular form has received the Emperor's Sanction yet. However the institutions of the bureaux and megacorporation have. The Imperial Family is heavily invested in many such business entities.

Educational Institutes[edit]

Many universities and other places of higher learning have been certified as Educational Institutes. Educational Institutes help to consolidate knowledge, science,and pedagogy across the vast expanses of interstellar space. The AAB was one of the original institutes and serves as a central clearing house for knowledge within the Third Imperium.

Psionic Institutes[edit]

At one time the Psionic Institutes held sanction before the Psionics Suppressions. The Psionic Institutes once helped to unify and legitimize Psionics.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Unlike many other interstellar empires, the Third Imperium is better known for its many disparate societies than its commonalities. Each sector and practically each subsector is a kingdom of its own. As the Third Imperium grew, an increasing number of institutes have received Imperial Sanction and serve as unifying elements within an extremely variegated civilization.

Institutes & Bureaux[edit]

The origin of the Institutions system is found in the First Imperium or Ziru Sirka. The AAB was formed as one of the original Institutes to coordinate the collection of learned knowledge across interstellar distances.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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