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The Educational Institutes are the totality of research, universities, colleges, schools, and places of higher learning within the Imperium and known beyond the borders of the Third Imperium within Charted Space.

  • In a decentralized interstellar society spanning the stars, Educational Institutes help to coordinate education across polystellar learning networks, helping individual worlds to right-size appropriate educational technologies to a world's needs.
  • The Institute itself is a decentralized advisory body offering non-coercive direction to educational systems and civil institutions on a world.

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While the Psionics Institutes failed to achieve widespread social acceptance, Educational Institutes have increasingly become both an accepted, treasured, and demanded social institution. There isn't any one model for an Institute; they are individually developed to meet the needs of the world in which they are located.

Educational Institute Mission[edit]

The mission of the Institutes is to bring the highest level of appropriate educational technology to a world to allow it to:

  • Develop the learning potential of its sophontic demographics.
  • Increase the accessibility and availability of advanced education to all of the world's inhabitants.
  • Integrate a world's economy into greater interstellar society to achieve greater widespread prosperity.
  • Gainfully employ as many of its students as possible by helping to raise the technological proficiency of a world.
  • Partner with industry to develop world economies and provide jobs.

Educational Institute Expansion[edit]

Types of Institute[edit]


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