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Institutions of higher learning may be public [[University|universities] organized on a planetwide basis, corporate training systems, private institutions, and special programs.

University of Regina. A broad spectrum planetary institution providing education in all areas; its campuses are scattered all over Regina. Its greatest strength is history, sociology, psychology, and political science.

University of Rhylanor. A technically oriented planetary institution to support industry and commerce on Rhylanor. Its primary programs include the hard sciences: biology, chemistry, electronics, gravitics, mechanics, physics.

Imperial Syiean University. The traditional school for the Imperial family and most higher noble families. The university is one of the most prestigious in the Imperium.

The Jumpspace Institute. Originally established at Deneb to investigate interstellar jump drives. Financed originally by the Duke of Deneb, the institute has since become an arm of the sector government. Programs include training for starship engineers and naval architects.

Mining School of Glisten. A practical training institution that supports the asteroid mining industry: a basic prospector’s orientation, advanced mining techniques training, and seminars for mining managers. The school is sponsored by mining companies in Glisten Belt.

The Naasirka Endowment. The Naasirka Endowment is a high-tech scientific establishment which combines hands-on research with educational internships. Areas of interest include computer hardware and software. Although the administration offices are on Vland, internships are sponsored throughout the Imperium.

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