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A Data Repository is a special facility designed for the storage of immense amounts of valuable data.

  • The IISS classifies any system or world with such a facility as a code Ab or "Data Repository" world.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Every race is known to trade in information and store valuable information is centralized locations known as Data Repositories.

  • Data Repositories are very often treasure troves of secrets and sensitive data.
  • There is no one plan or architectural style for these facilities. In fact, there isn't even a common form of media storage. Storage can range from clay tablets all the way to more technologically advanced Data Crystals and beyond.
  • Furthermore, these facilities are not even limited to one kind of environment. They can be located on vacuum-based space stations to terrestrial planets and more...

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Most data repositories are heavily guarded and anyone who can acquire such information holds great value.

Reference (Imperial Data Repository)[edit]

The world of Aadkhien (world) or Reference (world) is the Third Imperium's most famous data repository, a world with nearly planet-wide data storage and artifact storage facilities.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

These special facilties are located throughout Charted Space.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

There are known Data Repositories in the following stellar systems and on the following worlds:

28 of 28 World articles in Data Repository
Aadkhien  •  Aisteaya  •  Andula  •  Azwhew  •  Bail 4  •  Bruyrkna  •  Budeeshou  •  Capital  •  Enturtepra  •  Gashema  •  Gier  •  Ginupa  •  Guaran  •  Hkeakewoirea'  •  Hulr  •  Iktaakas  •  Kaagaarkha  •  Kedim  •  Kiur (Li 0125)  •  Leant  •  Lem (Gu 0438)  •  Lir (Da 3202)  •  Mestitela  •  Shalam  •  Shea  •  Vaelouf  •  Vilk  •  Vland  •  
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